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Monthly Archives: June 2021

Khao Tom

Khao Tom Krueng Restaurant in Bangkok

 Khao Tom Krueng Restaurant in Bangkok Another menu that you can eat without getting bored. You can eat it anytime, whether it’s morning, late afternoon, evening. Order to eat to cure hunger in the stomach. boiled rice It’s one of those simple dishes that often pop into

Chocolate Lava Cake

6 Chocolate Lava Cake Shop

Chocolate Lava Cake shop in Bangkok, soft and smooth face, full of cocoa powder, plus delivery service to deliver deliciousness to the front of the house. No matter what festival you are, you can be satisfied.          Chocolate Lava Cake or Molten Chocolate Cake, a dessert

Salmon Shop

7 Pickled Salmon Shop Concentrated, very spicy, likes to eat.

    Pickled Salmon with Soy Sauce Delicious, satisfied according to the best Korean recipe Another popular menu Salmon Fillet no fishy smell with a mild sauce Can’t try anymore   Pickled Salmon with Soy Sauce It is becoming one of the hottest menu items in the wind. And especially if you like to