5 Street Food Shops The best restaurant in Chokchai 4 area

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Restaurants in Thailand are already dominated by street food restaurants along the famous streets of Bangkok, each vying for deliciousness. The reputation of deliciousness is not easy to come by. It took decades For example Soi Chokchai 4 is another place that has a lot of street food. no matter where you stop There are all kinds of delicious food, so we have brought you 5 street food shops in Chokchai 4 that you must check in ufabet.

1.  King Phet Duck Noodle Shop 

Legendary Duck Noodle King Phet opens at Soi Phaya Nak. After the Asia Hotel for more than 40 years until moving to open at Chokchai 4, this is the 8th year by Father Hia Jiu’s formula. Duck Noodle In addition to the deliciousness at Pa Lo water. And what’s so special is the stewed duck. The first thing that can be seen with the naked eye is The duck is especially big because King Phet uses specially selected size ducks to have thick meat and thin skin. Another thing is that the color of the duck will be dark, almost dark because it has been marinated in a good Chinese medicine fermentation machine. Marinate over a day and bring to a boil with spices.

2. Little Bee Sweet Candy Shop

Khanom Bueng Wan Pueng Noi has been in business for 22 years and was originally sold in a flea market. Then come to settle down in front of the grilled pork shop They sell so well that the line is so long that they have to pre-order. Little Bee’s Pastry both the quality of the raw materials used Do-it-yourself fillings day by day are not available for purchase, such as sweet and foi thong fillings. Only fresh red duck eggs are used. The coconut part is not grated coconut. Only use coconut perfume. The sauerkraut is no different. Special Selection of Dried Shrimp Stir Fried with Fragrant Coconut Garlic, pepper, coriander root, the most delicate taste. This little bee’s little bee snack was shocked to eat for the first time. First, it wasn’t sweet like many places I’ve eaten.

3. Jub’ Yuan Mae Ploy Shop

Mae Ploy Shop is a new shop in Chokchai 4 area. That is, it opened just in the 6th year. All recipes are recipes from the owner’s grandmother. Born as a house that seriously loves cooking and eating Vietnamese food, especially guay jab. That is the taste of a professional, not an amateur by age in the industry in any way. The more raw materials used like fresh noodles

4. Maeyun Thai dessert shop

A small sweet shop in Soi Chokchai 4, this shop has been open for more than 15 years, making all Thai candies and coconut milk desserts. Sold from the mother’s model to submitting for sale herself Until now, a daughter and son-in-law come to sell instead of the best thing at coconut milk. Choose only the best coconut milk. Coconut milk from the garden, Thap Sakae District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province with a special fragrance Make Mae Yoon’s desserts have a special taste than others.

5. Mae Keng Moon Sticky Rice Shop

Good things, outstanding things in Chokchai 4 Soi with lots of delicious food. All of you can’t fight each other as the original. In terms of eating both savory and sweet, it won the championship. No matter which shop you bring, you can tell that they are all good, except for the sticky moon rice shop. Mae Keng Moon Sticky Rice  Sweet and Juicy Mango Sticky Rice Moon sticky rice 11 colors that have natural colors such as  butterfly pea, carrot, turmeric, beetroot.  There are also grain blends such as  ginkgo, sesame seeds, taro sprouts.