7 Pickled Salmon Shop Concentrated, very spicy, likes to eat.

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    Pickled Salmon with Soy Sauce Delicious, satisfied according to the best Korean recipe Another popular menu Salmon Fillet no fishy smell with a mild sauce Can’t try anymore

  Pickled Salmon with Soy Sauce It is becoming one of the hottest menu items in the wind. And especially if you like to eat salmon as the original capital. You should be pleased with this menu that is not difficult. When talking about it, the mouth is sour. Reminds me of bouncy salmon. succulent with sauce The taste is just right. Then I would like to order pickled salmon with soy sauce to cure my hunger. But will there be any interesting shops? We have ufabet included them.

1. Salmone, pickled soy sauce

   Filled with pickled salmon, soy sauce, full of mouthfuls. The delicious taste that customers will see is fresh salmon Do not use frozen fish, do not add MSG, if you buy it, do not eat immediately. want to keep first It can be stored for up to 5 days by refrigerating normally. The salmon is bouncy, tender and chewy. The pickled soy sauce is not too salty. Emphasis on mellowness is good. It’s good to eat with rice. Or to eat wrapped with seaweed, it’s delicious.

Salmon Pickled Soy Sauce

2. Daruma

   The favorite Japanese restaurant of many people. which the shop would like to please the people who eat with the menu “Salmon Pickled Soy Sauce” which is pickled with a special recipe. that is both delicious and mellow Served with Japanese rice and seaweed It’s easy to eat. Prepare seaweed. Put vegetables on top of the seaweed as you like. Place the pickled salmon on top of vegetables and seaweed. Eat with Japanese rice It’s delicious and goes well together.

3. Omakase, Pickled Seafood, Korean Soy Sauce

    Anyone who has a sour mouth is eating soy sauce pickled salmon. Try this service. You can notice that the salmon is fresh. Because the shop pays attention to the selection of raw materials as well. Guaranteed fresh and new with spicy seafood sauce And the sweet and mellow marinade. Eat and feel satisfied. Accidentally ate it all quickly without realizing it. In addition, the shop also has other pickled menu items that are equally worth ordering, such as hoe tendon, white shrimp, lobster, squid, sea crab and egg blue crab.

Salmon Pickled Soy Sauce


    Enjoy the freshness of pickled salmon with soy sauce. which the shop makes fresh every day Try putting a word in your mouth. You will know that the bouncy and chewy it’s like this. Comes with soy sauce pickle, rich flavor and good taste. not too salty Who likes to eat this type of food already. It should be easy to like. If you want to prove that it’s true or not Looks like you have to try and order a meal.

Salmon Pickled Soy Sauce

5. Salmon.Shinesurvive

  For anyone who wants to taste the freshness of salmon. Ordered this restaurant to eat, apparently not disappointed. The restaurant uses quality salmon from Norway. Called premium, fresh and clean, the pickled salmon menu is available in 2 sizes: size S and size L. The set includes Japanese rice, seaweed, shrimp roe, and dipping sauce. All that’s left is to pair them and put them in your mouth. Then you will know that delicious food is like this.

Salmon Pickled Soy Sauce

6. Dongraidee

      Enjoy the delicious pickled salmon menu from Dongraidee, pickled raidee. The restaurant uses sashimi grade salmon to eat raw. Only the meat is used for pickling. (Do not use the stomach) in the mellow flavored soy sauce marinade Not too intense and not greasy, ending with served with real seafood lemon sauce, home-made, without MSG, available in sizes S, size M and size L, whichever you prefer, you can choose to order now.


  Who likes seafood already? Don’t miss out on the pickled salmon menu at this restaurant. The wow factor here is the rich pickling of the meat. No fishy smell, easy to eat, sticky, bouncy, just right. and if eaten with spicy seafood sauce which the shop uses fresh lemon The more delicious wow more than doubled. Who likes the intensity to the meat I can see that I can’t resist ordering for sure.

Salmon Pickled Soy Sauce