8 Kani Miso Shops, Savor the Taste of Japanese Crab Meat Delicious without having to fly far

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Includes Kani Miso, or stir-fried crab fat with miso sauce. It’s seasoned like the real original. It’s salty, oily, delicious, and has a Japanese feel. without having to fly farKanimiso (Kani Miso) or seasoned crab fat,

the most unusual dish in japanese restaurant But I have to say that the taste is very delicious. Generally, most restaurants serve the whole crab shell. The inside is crab sticks that are stir-fried with miso sauce. The taste is salty and oily. Some restaurants will top the top with crab meat, fish or seafood according to each recipe. The method of eating is as simple as grilling the crab shells. On the stove, let it cook all over. and garnished with spring onions or scrambled eggs. You can simply scoop it into your mouth, or you can mix it with hot steamed rice, it’s equally delicious. When you try it, you will know that Japanese food is not just sushi or sashimi. Today we will take everyone to see Japanese restaurants in Bangkok. with Kanimiso menu as the signature dish of each shop Guarantee that you will like your legs to eat.

1. Guru Gyuu

          Premium Grade Japanese Grill Buffet Restaurant Prices range from 399-1,999 baht/person, packed with quality and fine ingredients. Called all-you-can-eat for 2 hours at a price of 1,999 baht, you can order everything on the menu. Marble Beef Tenderloin, Tenderloin, Pork Shoulder, Lotus Leaf Beef, Beef Tongue, Wagyu Pie Leaf, Wagyu Rib Eye, Marbled Pork Belly, Pork Belly, Smoked Bacon, Sliced ​​Pork Neck , Chicken Tenderloin, Chicken Thigh, Japanese Oyster, Alaska Crab Leg, Snow Crab, Hotate Scallop and the highlight of this shop is Grilled Crab Meat with Miso Sauce Served in a large crab shell, dark colored crab meat, salty and greasy flavor, mixed with a perfectly seasoned miso sauce. In the middle is a fresh quail egg. When you eat it, you can mix the yolk together and warm it before grilling it. It’s good to eat it plain, or you can mix it with Japanese rice. It’s delicious.

2. Kenzou Sushi

          Good quality sushi restaurant in Prachachuen area. who care about taste, cleanliness and service as important The main menu of this restaurant is sushi and sashimi, which the shop uses only fresh, good quality products. Whether eating as a set or ordering separately as a plate, you will get full of deliciousness. including salmon sushi, otoro sushi, jutoro sushi, agami sushi, foie gras sushi, salmon sashimi, assorted bento rice sets, other snacks such as soy sauce boiled salmon head , Fried Silverfish, Fried Prawns with Mayo Sauce And another menu that I would like you to try and eat is grilled crab meat, which is the fat of snow crab cooked in a sauce and miso sauce. Top with crab meat and orange roe. Grilled enough to warm on the stove. Let the crabs simmer and sizzle to the max.

Kani Miso

3. Zero Sushi

          Premium grade authentic Japanese restaurant in Rama 4 (Chamchuri Square) area that pays attention to detail and freshness of ingredients at a friendly price. The main food of this restaurant is a variety of sashimi and sushi dishes to choose from. Confident in quality because they are ordered directly from Japan. The specialty of the shop that always attracts foodies to come and try it is Omakase Sushi The freshness of seasonal fish is included here. There are also great seafood dishes such as hotate scallops, scallops, squid, sweet shrimp, eels and uni, and one of the recommended menus is Kanimiso, an authentic Japanese imported crab cake. With soy-picked raw eggs and fresh fish fillets such as salmon, engawa, eel, Shuwai claw or plump otate from Hokkaido. Let me tell you that it’s very satisfying. Freshness is guaranteed.          

Opening hours : Open daily from 11.00-21.30 hrs.
Location: 315 317, 319 Phayathai Road, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan, Bangkok (Chamchuri Square, 2nd floor)
Telephone : 06 1191 9946
Facebook : Zero Sushi how
to order : LineMan, Line @hotaru119

4. Tsubohachi

          Authentic Japanese restaurant from Hokkaido. It is an izakaya-style restaurant that uses the finest ingredients. Fresh, just like eating in Japan. The signature menu of this restaurant has a wide selection of dishes such as assorted sashimi set, kum-to sushi set, steamed Taraba crab, grilled skewers, rice and noodles, and various types of bento sets that the shop has carefully selected such as good And another dish that should not be missed is Kanimiso, seasoned crab fat, with a salty and greasy taste, topped with fresh fish fillets and crunchy salmon roe. Roast over a warm flame on a compact stove. It’s perfect to eat on its own or to mix with rice. There are various toppings to choose from, such as sweet shrimp and mackerel, sweet shrimp and roe, engawa and salmon, Shuwai crab meat, salmon roe and roe, engawa and maguro, clams and eggs. organic and organic scallops and eggs.         

5. Sushi Ichizu

          Excellent Omakase style Japanese restaurant If counting only the top quality sushi restaurants outside of Japan. This restaurant is ranked number 1  in the 2019 rankings of OAD, the most trusted food review website in the global food industry. The famous menu that the restaurant is proud to present is a variety of sushi that chooses fresh, high quality ingredients such as tuna, otoro, uni meat, eel, but another menu that you don’t want to miss. Let’s try it. Kanimiso is a Hokkaido crab, carved out of meat. and greasy crabmeat seasoned with miso sauce. Then put it back in the crab shell. Top with appetizing yellow uni to be grilled and reheated. It exudes a very mouthwatering scent.       

6. Hoshi Japanese Restaurant

          Who wants to eat delicious grilled crab fat, I recommend this restaurant with Hoshi Japanese Restaurant, a family-style Japanese restaurant that offers cold dishes such as sashimi and sushi that only select premium grade ingredients. Guaranteed in freshness and hot menus such as rice bowls, tempura, various grilled dishes And the coolest thing is called if anyone talks about hoshi. One must think of Kani Miso Crab Mantis, which the restaurant has named as the restaurant’s Top 12 menu. Fragrant crab meat is seasoned with a good miso sauce. mixed in crab shell Grilled on the charcoal stove, fragrant, mouth watering like this, who can resist ordering?

Kani Miso

7. Tenjo Sushi & Yakiniku Premium Buffet

          Grilled buffet and premium Japanese food. Unlimited fillings for 2 hours. Loads of ingredients such as lean Australian beef, beautiful wagyu, firm salmon, otoro, foie gras. , river prawns, big squid, New Zealand mussels, sushi, fresh sashimi are available in a variety of prices ranging from light 499++ to luxury 1,299++, which is a special set menu that brings good quality ingredients to serve like More than 100 dishes such as Akamisuke Sushi, Otoro Sushi, Raw Beef Salad, Wagyu Beef, Sweet Prawn Sashimi, Hokkaido Scallop Tempura and Kanimiso, greasy crabmeat topped with shrimp roe. crunchy Grilled on a fragrant charcoal stove. Eat alone or mix with steamed rice. It’s delicious.Kani Miso

8. Kouen Sushi Bar

          From a small sushi bar developed into a famous premium Japanese grill restaurant in Thailand. By maintaining the quality of serving food created from the finest ingredients. Direct from the best source until becoming a variety of menus that are popular with all Japanese food lovers Both sushi that guarantee freshness With over 40 pages, over 80 menus of meat shabu, or grilling with good things like Wagyu beef, A5 sirloin, sliced ​​and diced pie leaves. Most importantly, this shop also has Kanimiso. which is as delicious as flying to eat as far as Japan Crab meat, firm texture, salty taste, oily, topped with colorful shrimp roe. Or you can order special foie gras or Japanese eel topping. Let me tell you that it’s equally cool.        

    Kanimiso, a Japanese dish that many people love. With a salty, oily taste, when grilled over a hot charcoal stove until it gives off a fragrant aroma, it can be eaten plain or cooked with rice. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. Will you be late? Better to order now.