How to avoid the trap of payday loans

When unexpectedly arise expenses, and you do not have savings to respond, it might seem attractive to ask for a loan of day of payment. In the united States, this mechanism offers quick cash and are very easy to get for people who have a job.

However, the loan of day of payment is the most expensive way of getting money borrowed. For example; if you take out a loan to buy a new battery pack car and does not manages to refund on time, you could end up paying more in charges than what you paid for the same battery.

Before taking this route, try to understand why you should avoid this type of loan and learn more about the alternatives that are offered.


The payday loans are loans small, short term that are easily obtained because the lender rarely checks the credit of the borrower. You write a check for the amount you want plus the fee charged by the lender, or it gives permission to those that take out money automatically from your bank account after you receive your next cheque of payment.

The fees charged by these lenders are high, typically $15 per every $100 dollars that is borrowed. When it comes to the agreed date, you can let the lender cash the loan, or the debt may be extended, delaying the payment to change more charges.

Here is the problem: the positions that they charge lenders raise the effective interest rate to a level exorbitant. A charge of $15 to borrow $100 dollars may seem like a rate of interest of 15%. In reality, due to the short term of the loan, and is equivalent to an annual rate of 390 percent –more than 10 times the typical rate for a cash advance on a credit card, which is an option very expensive.


There are many and better options that payday lending –in addition to others that may be worse. The following strategies are some alternatives to get through a financial emergency.

Personal loans: Loans without collateral –or “personal loans”– banks and credit associations are preferable to those with access to this kind of lenders. These typically come with a fixed interest rate and require the borrower to pay off the debt with a program of fixed monthly payments. The financial companies offer similar products, so-called installment loans.

“The installment loans traditional are the best alternative to payday loans for consumers, because they offer a clear path to remove your debts through equal payments monthly that are manageable,” says Karen Klugh, exportavoz of the American Association of Financial Services, an industry group.

The installment loans will also offer you much more time to pay the debt. This financing usually allows you to borrow money and at a cost considerably less than the payday loans.

Advance payment of salary: Ask your employer for an advance payment of your salary, that usually costs you nothing. Some companies also offer loans low-cost to the workers who are going through a crisis. If you’ve been a good worker for several years, this can be an excellent option.

Indulgence of accounts: Look for creditors that do not charge interest, such as public utilities or cable companies-tv, and find out if they accept late payments. Use the money that is left by not paying those accounts, for their needs in case of an emergency. The people who already have outstanding loans can ask for modifications to their debts to enable them to increase more flow of money.

Account advance short-term: Some banks and credit unions offer cash advances short-term as an alternative to the pay day loan. While the costs are not so high, they can still be quite expensive. By law, credit unions cannot charge more than 28% of the annual percentage rate on small loans at short time limits, so that these can be more reasonable than the banks.

Loans backed by the church: Some churches now offer them to members who are faced with a financial crisis small loans to some fairly low rates. Find out if your parish or temple offer small loans for emergencies.


6 Steps to Get your Loan Money Fast Online

When an emergency occurs and you need money fast, personal loans online money is a convenient alternative. The process of application and approval of the loan is fast and easy, obtaining the outcome of your application seconds after you ask for the loan online.

Calculates the exact amount of what you need. Avoid borrowing the maximum because you will have to pay the debt in a short period of time. Ask for the loan of money for the amount that you need, nothing more.

Before you apply for the loan of money, you have to be sure as what you are going to pay. If you do not pay the debt money at the set time incur penalties that increase the amount tengras to pay.

Choose the company loan money online. There are a lot currently so that you have a time to compare the rates of interest, payments for the service, and period of time available to repay the debt of money. Looking for information about the company and considered review your financial history.

When you choose the company loans money online, check that they operate within the country in which you reside. Notes if the terms and conditions of the loan are easy to identify and read in your web page, if not found, ask that you send before you sign any documents or complete any application.

Do not write any personal information or bank without first verifying that the website of the company loan money is safe. Check also that your anti-virus and wall-protective of your pc (firewall) are working properly. If you have a program anti-trojan checks your pc before you fill out any application for loans of money.

Fill out the application with information real and without lying or exaggerating. Once sent, the company we will review your application and if approved you will receive surely, an e-mail confirming your acceptance for the loan of money and when you can expect the transfer to your bank account to be completed.

Loan Money Online

Basically the requirements (with some differences from lender to lender) for a loan personal money fast by the Internet are:

  • Be employed or receive a regular payment.
    An income at least $5000 USD
    Be of age (18) and a citizen of the united States
    Have a checking or savings account in a bank.


The requirements change from website to website. Some accept savings accounts and not others, so there are many different requirements. It’s best to find out or apply on several websites different to see which is best for you.

Keep in mind that the purpose of apply for a personal loan of money pay-day is for use in emergency situations where you have to pay medical bills, tuition fees, finance your christmas holidays, rent a hotel or a car, etc, All of these situations cease to be emergencies because you can apply for a loan of money fast.

Even people with credit history not so good can get loans of cash quickly. This is one of the best ways to improve your credit situation, you just have to make sure to pay the loan on time. Providers of loan or lenders are willing to help people improve their credit scores.

If you are in need of cash and you cannot borrow from relatives or friends, take a look at the loans quick cash on-line. Before you apply for a loan, make sure that you comply with the minimum requirements listed above to have no problem getting your money in cash at the time.

That are Loans Money payday Online?

The main reason, in these difficult times that the economy is going through, to borrow money from payday (“payday loans”) or loans fast, is that the money from the previous payment not reaches to the week, or until the next check to arrive, and also families with no or little in savings, where the slightest mishap financial it is impossible to overcome without a loan of money fast urgent.

Loans money payday (“payday loans”) is a type of loan small, short-term to pay in full. Its main function is to help the client until you receive the next payment or check work. There are many companies that do loans in many localities and also in the internet. For people with the need of cash, these loans of money are very convenient.

Companies loan on the internet have improved both the system of loan and diluted the steps necessary to apply for these loans of money that complete the most applications don’t last more than a few minutes.

Due to the proliferation of these companies of loan, now it is more important for the client to perform the task of understanding the rules and legal obligations of a loan of money fast, and compare the terms of each company loan to choose the terms (interest rates) more favorable to and understand your puntuaje de credito.

Don’t let you apply for a loan of money payday online just because you don’t understand the internet, is something new, or have questions of the service. The forms are easy to complete, just ask for the necessary information and also due to the competition online with all these companies loan money, the interest rates of credit and other terms of loans are favorable for you.

Nor do you have to wait days for a response to the application of your loan money fast. Once you have completed the application you will know immediately if you are authorized for a loan of cash.

The next step, after being accepted for the loan of money, is to deposit the money in your bank account. Usually the transfer is completed in less than 24 hours.

It is common that the terms of the loan ask for full payment with interest of the loan in 2 weeks, commonly you have already received your next payment and the emergency has been resolved.

Remember to use the internet to search for terms loans that are cheaper than in the streets, the trick is to compare the terms and interest rates of multiple companies online to see which suits you more. Completing the application is easy, fast and require that you learn if you want to save money at the time to pay the debt.

7 Financial Lessons Every Parent should Teach their Child

One of the great problems of our society and the possible cause of many of the errors committed in the last few years in the field of finance, is the absence of teaching of principles of the economy as basic to the young. The schools do not have in their curriculum courses of the economy of home, family budget, responsibility, credit, etc To increase the problem, in many homes, the topic of money is considered as tabu as the sex.

In some homes everything related to money is a secret (sometimes even between the couple of parents). But they begin a dialogue about the monthly payments of utilities, such as make payments online, such as using the credit card, how to buy the best deals, even getting to explain that it is the mortgage and as a home to purchase.

1. Learn how to Spend

It is imperative that your children know how the money is spent, and to learn that the money is not stretched, decisions on what to buy lead to let you buy other things. If they grow up thinking that you can buy everything and not need to take decisions on what to buy waiting when you have access to a credit card for you to see the sad results. Give them a weekly allowance, and that they themselves learn to decide between the cinema, his clothing, video games, or gasoline, that is what they want to buy.

Either using the computer (Excel or Quicken) or paper and pencil, each expenditure must be written down and categorized. If you do not write then disappear, and you will hear phrases like “my money makes me water”.

2. Learn how to Save and Invest

In the economy today every one of us has to create his own account withdrawals. If children learn to save and invest your best ally will be the compound interest. As parents fosters savings and investment, requiring the children to put aside a certain percentage of their earnings, and their income from a job they are out there (babysitting or mowing the lawn).

3. Learn to Spend Less than you Earn

It sounds easy, but in truth it is one of the principles of the economy but ignored at the level of countries but also of households. This principle goes hand in hand with teaching our children to choose what you buy carefully.

Prepare your children enseñandoles how difficult it is to save and as bringing your own lunch to work saves money. Work together to find in the internet insurance on cars insurance rate lower than the current one or a better plan from a cell phone.

Once more we return to the paper and the pencil. Enter the amount of money that enters and the amount of money that comes out, the numbers don’t lie.

4. Learn how to Find the best Price

It is your responsibility to teach your child not to buy the first car that you drive or rent the first apartment you visit. Learn to not assume that the price discount is the best price. There has not been a time easier to compare prices, the only thing you need is access to the Internet. Not only are web sites that compare prices, but also offer comments and <> of each product to decide yourself which one is the best for the price you want to pay. If you are responsible to your children of your expenses we also teach them as to “stretch” their money buying bids.

5. Learn to Hate Debt

Emergencies will always occur in the home and in our personal lives. The important thing is to be prepared by creating a fund of emergency money and not have to resort to using credit cards. Teach them to your children that debt limits your options in the short and long term.

6. Learns to Live as a Student

When your children decide to move out of your home are going to take with the surprise that you no longer enjoy the comforts to which they were accustomed. If you were to buy a new car every 3 years, or change the sofa every 5 years or buy the latest iPhone the day it goes on sale, they expect to live in a similar way (and guess which object made of plastic are going to use). Teach them to your child that you do all of these purchases because you can pay in cash and that it was not always so.

7. Learn how to Identify your Plans

The youth of today need to learn that unless they identify a goal cannot reach it. The goal does not have to be only long-range (“retire at 55”), but it should be short-term goals (“doblare my salary in 2 years).

As a father or mother does not flee from one of your responsibilities, our children depend on us to learn about money, how to use it and how to use it as a tool more to make the future peaceful.

Discover how to Perceive More Extra Money by Filling out Paid Surveys on the Web

It is true that today, the online paid surveys have touched great levels of fame thanks to two important factors: the ease with which any person gets register and start to receive money from your home from any country in the world is better than before. The second factor is the disappearance of many services that defraudaban to the users and that flooded the market in the beginning. Now it is faster than other times hitting with a company that you can lead the way right.

Now is the perfect time to begin performing paid surveys. There are enough businesses who need to complete surveys but they are filling quickly. Obviously all intend to obtain an additional income by preferring the right time and in his own house. The preliminary step it is important to find firms that allow you to fill out the surveys that offer more money, so you can earn much more and work much less. Any agency is different, and having a series full of companies, you can sign up to several agencies and so choose the method that best accommodates the type of living. Typically, such examples of products or services are excellent to earn extra money, whether to be able to come to the theatre, eating an a buffet, or go for a walk with everyone.

In the following enumerated you gave the most outstanding tips to start with online surveys. It is essential to circumvent oversights frequently occur in the beginning and then long-term you’ll increase your earnings without striving for something more than what is necessary:

1. Increases the Share of Agencies Surveys

There is a generous amount of companies, polling firms, your mission is to register your profile with a greater portion of business and get a great number of online surveys to finish each day of the week. Retains only the companies serious and with a presence online and not just in your region, but also of any other city, especially in the US.

After you possess income to many online surveys, we believe you will choose the survey in line that will be in your coffers more resources. As I said before, the potential to choose the surveys most fertile you get credited with an get extra cash without the commitment of work too long. This is what is ideal for this kind of occupation from the home for the web, you are going to achieve select the minutes that you have to fill out internet surveys.

2. Fill Each Information of your Profile

It is essential to fill out every piece of data that is required in your account registration. The profile line encompasses all data used by the survey companies on-line to conclude the online surveys that will be designated for you. A number of survey takers fall into the breach of not completing a certain information but then you question since you are not getting the surveys that are offered, nor is it a response to falsify and increase your places of study, to the last all this get delayed to reach your desires. If you enjoy the mood and the longing to earn extra money you don’t have anything of that panicking, there are a number of companies, polling firms with a lot of work for all its customers.

Then if you plan to fill out surveys for pay online it is vital to complete all the information on your profile is sincere and without excesses. Don’t worry, there are many surveys for any type of knowledge and yearn to get online surveys in which you look like entertaining ending, and transmitting to the pollsters.

3. Tries with Several Sources of Money

Today, the online surveys are not the unique model to benefit from extra money. Several of the different polling companies offer several ways to complete jobs survey including: reading or completing e-mail messages, showing advertising on your car, shopping or eating at certain restaurants. One of my tips is not to rely solely on paid surveys as a way of income, you never know that can happen with your companies that continually are sending the online surveys. It is much more serene to possess quite a few input sources, and then it’s not going to hurt pretty nor do you have to depend on integro’s only one way to input extra.

Enjoy those ways of input is not complicated, what is more remarkable, is managing the initial step. A great deal of individuals have panic and end up afligiendose by difficulties of resources, but the consolation is located in its appropriate computer. Takes place the previous tips and never have panic, start an employ this procedure.