5 Tips to Avoid being Audited by the IRS

In these difficult times that the government passed because of lack of money one of the most common is to increase the number of tax returns audited. The main target are people with a lot of money and also people who are doing jobs on their own, or autonomous and do not receive a W2 or pay a company for their work.

The first and most important advice is not to cheat of course. Despite the fact that is has increased from 9% to 13% the percentage of people who think that cheating on the return of tax this well, that doesn’t mean it’s legal.

Tips to avoid being audited by the IRS on your return tax

Includes all your income. Remember that people and companies that you pay a deposit for any work or service, inform the IRS of this payment.

Documented deductions unusual. The amount of deductions usually corresponds to your level of income.

Remember that the IRS also has the freedom to seek information about you on pages social as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. This information can be used against you.

It is your right to present all of the deductions that occur due to your work home based as copies, tables, printers, etc, the important thing is to maintain a good system of records and receipts. You must be prepared to defend your deductions.

If you are audited, take each step at a time. Usually the first step of a autoria is a letter questioning a single aspect of your statement. Collect your documentation of support and send copies to the IRS. If the IRS requests a meeting or review of your statement of taxes, think of hiring help so that you represent as for example a tax attorney, a public accountant certificate or a registered agent.

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