4 Hong Kong street food stalls with delicious Michelin-starred dishes

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Going to Hong Kong, you must try once! Food Street Food  Street food was on sale for a long time, from generation to generation. Until getting a guaranteed sign from the Michelin Guide I can tell you that all 4 restaurants recommended by Food. ufabet  if not local people would not know, but for Hong Kong people, it is a very popular shop How can I miss this !!

Hong Kong Street Food

Hong Kong has many delicious restaurants. There are many around the city. The more popular the shop Any restaurant that is delicious is not difficult to observe. Look at the number of customers who have been waiting to enter the storefront already. That must allow the deliciousness of this restaurant Although some shops may not be familiar with names But the taste is right Plus traveling is easy, a few moments away from the tourist areas.

Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong,
a long-established tofu restaurant The famous Sham Shui Po district, Hong Kong

Starting in the Sham Shui,, Po ( Sham Shui Po ) that  stores Durr hoop in Kung Wo Tofu or Chinese Kung Wo Dou Bun Chong tofu shop legendary oldest and one of the Street Food at the Michelin guide. recommend Received three Michelin awards in a row This shop sells tofu, especially tofu lovers who love healthy food should not miss it.

Freshly fried

The deliciousness that makes Hong Kong customers addictive. And frequented by all means The secret is in the ingredients. And making everything fresh The area behind the store is a tofu factory. Still using human labor Doing all the traditional manufacturing processes all day That when finished immediately All of them can be sold immediately.

The signature dish of Guo Hoa is  Tofu Pudding, or chilled bean curd served in a white meat bowl. When eating lightly sweetened sugar, just right, or without added sugar at all. I can tell you that the tofu texture is very soft.

“Renee So” (Renee So), the current heir of Guo.
Tofu Pudding

And fried tofu dishes that are indispensable There are many types to choose from. Both fresh tofu and minced fish meat. Stuffed tofu Crispy on the outside and soft inside Topped with chicken dipping sauce to add flavor and even more deliciousness (Secretly whispering Hong Kong people like to eat fried tofu without dipping sauce. Will get a full taste of tofu) plus inexpensive prices as well

Fresh tofu with minced fish before frying

Soybean juice is pretty good, walking hot all day, eating and refreshing. Available in either glass or bottle. As for the taste, you can choose either a normal sweet, less sweet, or a mix of black sesame.


In addition, the shop also offers a wide variety of tofu products, such as tofu bunch, tofu, fresh tofu, and more for cooking.

Location: G / F 118 Pei Ho Street, Sham Shui Po Subway Station (Sham Shui Po) Exit B2, keep walking straight, it will be Pei Ho Street, the shop will be on the right.

Hours of operation from 7:00 a.m.  9:00 p.m. every day.

Add a little more! Although the restaurant is open from 7:00 am, the fried food menu He will start frying from 10:30 am onwards because the restaurant will fry new No freezes So who will go to the store You have to timing carefully.

Kwan Kee Store,
a famous traditional dessert shop

Next to the tofu shop Still in Sham Shui Po district It is a famous traditional dessert shop That anyone passing by must stop and buy a hand Plus, it is not far from the exit of MRT Sham Shui Po Station Exit B2, you will notice the shop on the right. Like this you have to find a chance to try it once

2 The heirs of Kwan Kee Store

Kwan Kee Store has snacks that look delicious. It looks like a dessert that doesn’t taste as sweet as you think. Because Hong Kong people do not like to eat sweet

A famous dish  , red bean pudding is made from Chinese rice. You can use it on a stick and you can walk and eat. Delicious, soft and chewy And also has 9 layers of black sesame desserts, cakes, dark desserts, etc.

Location: 115-117 Fuk Wa Street Exit MRT Sham Shui Po Station Exit B2

Opening hours:   8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. daily.

Sun Kwai Heung BBQ food

This restaurant is famous for roast duck, roast goose, suckling pig, roasted pork, chicken in soy sauce. Most of the good things are on the list of Hong Kong foodies. Just walked into the store, all dazzled. Like this, must try everything.

Anyone who wants to come and eat all must have been since the restaurant opened. Because this shop sells very well If you come late Some menus may sell out first. Especially the guitar duck Crispy skin roast duck, appealing to eat The secret to deliciousness Focus on good, fresh ingredients every day

Guitar duck

The taste when entering the first testimony Feel the soft texture, crispy skin and juicy sauce. Eat it with hot steamed rice, very delicious

The face of the owner of Sun Kwai Heung BBQ food

Location: G / F, N. 17, Kam Tam Yun House, No.345 Chai Wan Road Chai wan station, the last station on the east side of the island, exit A and follow the sky walk.

Open-close time   8.00 -21.00 every day.

Ngau Kee Food cafe

Ngau Kee Food cafe has been open for 68 years since 1950, our recommended branch is at Chai Wan Road, food court area, 2nd floor, Chai Wan Wet Market.

Uncle, owner of Ngau Kee Food cafe

For Ngau Kee Food cafe, they are known for their food cooked without added MSG. But still rich and delicious There are recommended dishes such as fried squid with garlic and pepper. Eggplant with minced fish fillet

Fried squid with garlic and pepper
Eggplant menu mixed with minced fish meat.

As well, a highlight of this restaurant that you should not miss is the soup that uses the best ingredients. Chewing for a long time Until getting both the taste, the deliciousness and the full benefits


Drink menu If anyone who does not like drinking hot tea Try ordering a glass of lemon tea. Drink and refresh

Lemon tea

Location: 2 / F, Chai Wan Municipal Services Building, 338 Chai Wan Road, Chai Wan next to Chai Wan Wet Market

Call. +852 2546 2584