A total of 5 spring roll shops, delicious, clean, cheap and hygienic.

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Kanom Pia, a popular dessert of Thai people. which is often used as a souvenir for the elders Or bring it to the house during the festival, when the children and grandchildren return home, it can be said that when the children When we see spring roll, it is a sign that this is the time of meeting of brothers and sisters and close relatives and friends during various festivals in UFABET Thailand

Today, Travel has a list of delicious spring rolls in Thailand for you. Delicious, clean, hygienic. Let’s see which stores are there?

1. Tang Seng Chua spring rolls

A famous restaurant from the city of Paet Riew. that everyone passes by must stop by to buy as a souvenir This shop’s spring rolls have been famous for 10 years until expanding to open many branches in Chachoengsao. from a small industry It has become a large spring roll pastry industry that many people are addicted to. There are also other snacks. to choose to buy as well, including mochi, snow lotus, etc.

Contact : 080 835 3529

2. Tae Lao Chin Seng, Yaowarat

Another legend of Thai pastry shop in Yaowarat area. Anyone who likes to eat Pia Pia in the original taste must visit this restaurant. At this time, the shop is also open for delivery as well. You can order via the shop’s line. 

Contact : 02-236-4641

Line : Taelaojinseng

3.The Karaked

Good restaurant for both savory and sweet dishes. Here, there is a complete service that can be full in one meal. And one of the highlight menus of The Karaked is Salted Egg Lava Cake. The menu that sells well. Many people are very impressed with the sticky spring roll pastry. Salted egg lava filling, sweet and fragrant. nicely matched Once you’ve tried it. You’ll know that it’s satisfying!

Contact : 061 758 8223

4.Kum Pia Rose By Wan Mun

Delicious, satisfied with spring rolls even at home Rose Pia Cake By Wanfun. This shop is open for delivery. There are 6 fillings to choose from: beans, taro, purple sweet potato, black sesame, red beans, Foi Thong (mixed fillings). Send Kerry nationwide. Clean, good quality spring rolls. Really pay attention to every production process.

Contact : 062 354 5944

5. Tha Din Daeng special cooked spring rolls

Last but not least, another great Thai dessert shop, Tha Din Daeng. Which has home delivery service in Bangkok and its vicinity This shop has 2 fillings to choose from: black bean filling and mung bean filling. Anyone who likes authentic Chinese-style spring rolls will definitely love this restaurant. Recommended to eat with tea and go together very well.

Contact : 02 437 4164