Check-in 5 great cafes in Suan Phueng, Ratchaburi Province that you shouldn’t miss

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The cold wind has arrived !! At the end of the year, anyone who wants to go to the cold city but do not want to go as far as the northern city, it is recommended to go to ” Suan Phueng “, which in winter has a good atmosphere. Get Phil Chill, like being in a foreign country. How about a cafe? Coming to travel all the time, won’t stop by a chic cafe. It seems like it’s not complete, today we have 5 famous ufabet cafes in Suan Phueng area to introduce. You can stop by to admire nature and sip coffee, take beautiful photos and upload social media.

Morning Glory The Bakery House

A cute coffee shop surrounded by nature and wide fields If anyone goes to Suan Phueng, recommend going to Afternoon Tea, sipping hot tea with a sweet bakery, relaxing on vacation.

Moai Coffee

Famous coffee shops that who have never been to will miss a lot. By decorating the shop with a large Moai statue in front of the store. It is a highlight that invites tourists to take pictures and play together. Besides coffee The restaurant also has a wide variety of food to try as well. Certify that the stomach is definitely full

Amante Coffee

Small coffee shop To say that the quality is not small Because the shop will roast all kinds of coffee by themselves Every glass of the shop is served with a unique aroma. Anyone passing by the shop recommends stopping to try coffee once. Then you will be addicted

Coro Field

A cafe that gathers all kinds of melon-related products. Can be called the only place in Suan Phueng That both grow and sell by themselves Besides melon, there are also other organic menus. To try each other as well Guarantee that you can enter this restaurant for both deliciousness and health.

Cafe ‘Loftberry

Loft style cafe for minimalist people A shop that doesn’t just have good coffee But there are also many kinds of desserts to choose from For you to eat while sipping coffee and sitting in the cool breeze There is also a cute latte art pattern. For you to be satisfied before being full of various desserts.