Don’t miss it !! 8 of the hottest snacks! From Café Amazon that fans, lovers of confectionery and bakery must try.

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Café Amazon invites everyone to sample 8 of the best-selling desserts at Cafe Amazon. It is great to eat alone or pair it with your favorite drink. More important, because in addition to the deliciousness that has been received Also supported products from Thai ufabet SMEs OTO P as well

1.Thai Floss Chicken Floss Desserts

A 5-star OTOP product from Phatthalung. And Sangyod rice Which is a good variety of rice of Phatthalung city It contains a small amount of vitamin B1 B2, low fat, but high in protein, a great source of nutrients and energy.

2. Deep fried dumplings with fish filling.

Another 5-star OTOP product from Phatthalung, contains a mixture of Sangyod, Phatthalung’s rice, that is rich in vitamin B1 B2, niacin, protein and minerals that are beneficial to the body Stuffed with mackerel, a deep sea fish and mixed mushrooms.

3. Butter Biscuits

Containing 100% real butter, no margarine or margarine, Transfat Free mixed in a transparent plastic jar. With a aluminum lid pulled inside. Keep the deliciousness longer.

4. Garlic Biscuits

Contains 100% fresh butter, no margarine or margarine, transfat free mixed with garlic aroma. Contained in a clear plastic jar With a aluminum lid pulled inside. Keep the deliciousness longer.

5. Nut meringue

made from fresh eggs Contains cashews and almond slides, scented with nutty scent, suitable for sharing with hot drinks. Or as a snack during the day

6. Caramel Waffle Cafe Amazon

Waffle, good size and bite size. Filled with caramel, imported from the origin of “Netherlands”, suitable for eating with hot tea or coffee , the best thing is that when you put the waffle on the mouth of the milk, the caramel drink inside will soften. The flavor goes great with drinks or can be eaten as a snack anytime.

7. Pineapple crackers Cafe Amazon brand

Made from carefully selected pineapples Resulting in a sweet and sour taste that is soft on the tongue Add deliciousness with extra thin cheese flavor crackers, baked at just the right time. Until coming out to get pineapple crackers, which are fragrant, crisp, sour and sweet, perfect for eating with hot drinks Or as a snack

8. Crispy Brownies, Dark Chocolate Flavor

Crispy Brownie with Dark Chocolate Flavor There is a richness of dark chocolate. Perfect as a snack during the day. Or can be eaten with all kinds of drinks

After all, let’s go get the 8 best-selling snacks at Café Amazon, ready for everyone to try and enjoy with their favorite remedies at any Cafe Amazon branch.