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Bangkok is reputed to be a city that is extremely easy to find something to eat, no matter where you look, there are many restaurants to choose from. Today we present 5 delicious places to eat with many street food stalls , don’t miss it. Where is there? Let’s go ufabet and see.

Victory Monument, Street Food

1. Street food in the Victory Monument area

At Victory Monument Wherever you look, you will find the restaurant all over the place. There are many kinds of street food to choose from, whether it is a boat noodle shop, Guay Jap, rice and curry, Khao Man Gai, or if anyone wants to find something to eat, there are many places to buy, such as Kanom Krok, Kanom Pang, and compote. Open during the day and only open at night. If on any free day, there is a chance to take a walk at the Victory Monument. I can say that I will definitely be full.

Yaowarat road, Street Food

2. Street food in Yaowarat area

A famous street food that spans evenings until late at night. Because most restaurants open in the evening and some restaurants open until dawn This road, if coming during the day, will look lonely. But if you come during the night, it will be full of shops all the way. There are many well-known dishes, both savory and dessert, such as hot pan dry suki, noodles, fish balls, rice porridge, duck goose, stewed goose, roasted chicken noodle. In addition, there are many other desserts such as Bua Loy, 3 kings, deliciously delicious bread, Yaowarat, Tao Thueng, and many other places if you don’t know where to go at night. Come here, you won’t be disappointed.

Sriyan market, street food

3. Street food in Ratchawat / Si Yan market area

Ratchawat Market and Sri Yan Market are not adjacent but connected. There are many different restaurants between the two markets, with the most famous street food dishes like noodles, such as braised beef noodles. Duck noodles Yentafo Emperor There is also a Joke Si Yan. Khao Tom Sri Yan, Pad Thai , Fried Mussels, and there are Thai restaurants that have long been known for their taste, such as Curry Pa Sri Yan. The shops around here are open from late night until night, anyone passing by around here doesn’t have to be afraid that they won’t have anything to eat because there are delicious restaurants open all the way.

chef breaking eggs, street food

4. Street Food Charoenkrung District

Whoever comes around here recommends preparing an empty stomach first Because different stores have a variety of street food menus that are super appetizing to eat, such as Pad Thai with shrimp and crab meat. Deep-fried clams, crispy outside, soft inside roasted duck, crispy skin, soft chewy Deep-fried fish cakes with fish fillets. Passing through this area, you must not miss it. There are stores that open multiple times and some are open 24 hours a day. If you get hungry, this will surely fill your stomach.

Talat Phlu Market, Street Food

5. Street food in Talat Phlu district

It is another multicultural community. Because there are people of many races together So we can see a lot of food that is Street food, their signature dishes such as kui chai, red pork rice, fish maw, chicken rice, crispy noodles, Vietnamese steamed bun, Thai pancakes, various desserts, shaved ice, and many more, which are mostly open from late morning until late at night.

How are you with these 5 street food destinations that you love to find delicious food that you must not miss? If you’re bored this weekend, want to find something to do. I don’t have any plans to go anywhere, choose one here, I will make sure that you will be full and your belly will be able to walk until you get tired