Explore 9 delicious food stalls Siam Square

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Siam Square, the center of Bangkok’s most popular food-traveling district. Outstanding with world-class department stores including MBK and Siam Paragon Which can be said that everyone knows Siam.

For today, we are going to take friends to follow in your delicious footsteps. Member number 2276281 from Pantip website. Let’s see what delicious things Siam has for us to try.

better start For today, let’s introduce all 9 shops together.

Hello, this is our first post in Pantip. I really didn’t mean to review. Therefore, there are no pictures of the atmosphere of the shop. But like going to eat around Siam often So friends are like

Should we eat this much and do a review? Well, we always take photos before eating. Let’s take a look at each review. Let’s go check it out.

1. Hungry Bear

Siam Paragon branch, 3rd floor. This shop is a small pancake shop. decorated in vintage style There are teddy bears on every table, so cute. There are two types of pancakes. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with normal ones. The one that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside feels like a bear-shaped pancake. The price is moderate but secretly expensive for people who can’t earn their own money like us. But in Paragon, it’s expensive in every shop. And every table will have honey to pour themselves.

Hungry Bear

This is my friend

Hungry Bear

Ordered this set to eat with friends. Hot marshmallows are very satisfying. This pancake is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s delicious.

Hungry Bear

This is a set that we ordered to eat by ourselves. There are chocolate pancakes, brownies, milk. I ordered this set because I saw brownies and milk. But the photos at the store deceive people a lot. We thought we’d get a big glass of milk. After seeing it, the stunt went for five seconds. It’s so tiny. You can suck it all in one gulp. I feel like 175 this set.

SIAM (4)

of friends as well

Overall, this restaurant tastes okay. Delicious. I like pancakes that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. But eating too much is greasy.

2. Kyo Roll En  . This one, we go to Paragon branch as well. It’s on the G floor. The price is a bit expensive but not too much. But I don’t go to eat often if I don’t have a babysitter.

Kyo Roll En

I really like the roll cake. Well, we like to eat fresh milk cream roll cake that we ordered. It’s fresh milk cream, very delicious. The soft cream has a green tea flavor. The other flavor is vanilla flavor, but it’s black because it mixes with charcoal. When eating, there will be a slight smell of charcoal, not a lot. The rest is what you can see in the picture. It’s delicious to eat together here. Can’t remember the price, probably around 159.

3. Kamu is   now located at Digital Gateway Siam, second floor, probably feels like a bubble tea shop, but with soft cream, 89 baht each, delicious cones. The soft cream is very tasty. But I can’t eat it often. It’s expensive. Haha.

Sato Soft

The picture is not very beautiful. At that time, my hand was busy so my friend took it for me.

4. Sato Soft  and because of our fondness for soft cream I walk to find this shop next to the digital gateway, 39 baht each, seems to be right. But the ice cream is less than the shop above. Lakon is not as tasty as the restaurant above. But to eat expensive often, it’s not a thing. The taste of this restaurant is okay. The green tea taste is good.

Sato Soft
Sato Soft

If anyone wants to eat soft cream at a very affordable price, this is the shop. Oh, we know of another restaurant at MBK Center on the 7th floor, it’s called Shibuya. I’ve read reviews but never heard of it. I think I’m free now. Let’s go to taste. I saw that they said 39 each as well.

5. Seobinggo  is opposite Siam Wan. Go for a walk and you’ll find it yourself. The shop is on the second floor. It’s a Korean-style shaved ice. called bingsu Korean fans like us are very happy, like a shop that opens Korean songs to listen to. The owner of the shop is Korean and is very cute. The menu will be selected at the bottom of the shop. with the iPad in front of the counter After ordering, they will give you the cough that vibrates when you get the item. I don’t know what it’s called. This shop offers free water as well.

Seobinggo store

This one is a mixed berry, 280 baht. It’s good enough for three or four people. There is also yogurt to be poured by yourself. And then there are the berries. For example, blueberries give a lot, it’s worth it, but actually I don’t like to eat berries (eh, why did you order) but it’s delicious to eat these?

Seobinggo store

I love this menu Our favorite is Cheese Bingsu, a cheesecake with almond slices. and vanilla ice cream The cheesecake is very dense but a bit too hard. Condensed milk is always available. We can fill in a few rounds. Condensed milk topped with shaved ice We also love to eat cheesecake, so I like this menu. 240 is not expensive. Because eating alone, it’s not all that has to be divided by many people. When you divide it, it’s a bit cheap.

Seobinggo store

This is called injeolmi bingsoo I’m not sure It’s shaved ice sprinkled with peanut powder, stock flour, almond flour, and condensed milk. You can always add it as usual. The taste is ok but not overly delicious. Or because we ate it as the second cup, we started to feel full. 180 baht.

6. Bake a wish,  this is also a famous shop. Located at Paragon, g floor. There is free water as well.

Bake a wish shop

Lava cheese is the signature dish of the restaurant. Because we are very cheese lovers. no matter what cheese So it’s a menu that I really like as well. As you can see in the picture. There is also a strawberry sauce to be poured by myself. Below is a very rich hot cheesecake. Eat it with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry. It’s so satisfying. Now I want to eat it again. 180 baht.

Bake a wish shop

I can’t remember what this is called. 180 baht too, but not as delicious as lava cheese. It’s like ice cream sandwiched with hard bread, it’s hard to explain.

7. Mori  is a cake shop at Siam One. I can’t remember which floor, it’s delicious, but the price is brutal.

Mori shop

Can’t remember the name anymore. 125 baht per piece. It’s a cheesecake. The top looks like a cracker. I like it very much. Cheese disciples shouldn’t miss it. It’s really delicious.

8. Shibuya  soft cream again MBK Center, 7th floor, 39 baht each. On Tuesday, there is a promotion of buy 1 get 1 free. Very worthwhile. The price is the same as Sato Soft, but it gives more and more delicious in my opinion.

Shibuya shop

9. Dak Galbi  This one is a little weird. It is the only fishy item that has been reviewed. But I can’t fix it after putting a sweet tag on it. We went to eat at the branch near the BTS exit at Henri Dunant Road. It’s Korean fried food. There will be a staff to stir too.

Dak Galbi

This set 799 can eat about 3-4 people. It has chicken, shrimp, squid, vegetables and tteokbokki but no pork. If you have a pig, you need a 999 set, it’s a bit bigger. In the middle is mozzarella cheese. Time to eat will be stretched. Cheese fans will definitely like it.

We continue to eat, so we may add more to the next day when we are free. The part at the bottom that is Hungry Bear put it when opening the first thread and it seems like it can’t be solved anymore. So let’s leave it like that.