HEALTHY MEALS Healthy delicious meals with 4 new restaurants

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Nowadays, most people are turning to health care more. It can be said that it has become a trend for people of all ages and genders. Besides exercise There must be an important help in the matter of food. Which diet may not be the answer anymore Because the things that are the strongest right now are inevitable. Healthy food We therefore select healthy food ufabet restaurants to please. And believe me, you will not be disappointed !!!

Mix & Munch

mix & munch inside2

Mix & Munch, a new healthy cafe near the entrance of Sukhumvit Soi 20 with a chic concept as you please me. That allows everyone to easily mix and match their own set of bento boxes By choosing carbohydrates that contain pasta and rice. Followed by a complete protein, pork, chicken and fish followed by fresh vegetables that you like Finish with a special recipe for 5 more flavors. In addition to having a healthy and unique menu. There are still calories in the box, telling you exactly how much energy we get.

Farm cares

Farm Cares-1

Far Lahore’s attention late Healthy Silom Soi Convent in two branches meet. That not only contains raw materials Condiments, fruits, etc. For many health, we can buy the firmware at home. There is also a continuous circulation of clean food every week, including milk, snacks, fruit juices and organic products. That people who love health should not miss a visit



O-CHA clean delivery food with free delivery to your home every day. The highlight of Ocha is the control of calories of each menu in the amount that we should have per day. Plus Thai taste Still right in your mouth that you might forget that you Every menu also has fresh, crisp organic vegetables for us to eat at every meal at a reasonable price. Which is a minimum 1 week course meal, 89 baht per box (3 meals over 7 days)

Eat Well Café


Eat Well Café comes to chic in the concept of food for symptomatic therapy or Food Therapy, food designed to treat urban symptoms such as Office Syndrome Set, a popular symptom of office young people Almond Salmon Burger Sweet Potato Salad with Banana and Berry Tea Computer Vision Syndrome Set Relax your tired eyes from your computer with this grilled beef salad. Cheesy Carrot Soup with Tomato and Lemonade PMS Set for women on that day of the month. Herb grilled salmon served with riceberry rice Thai Broccoli Salad And a banana smoothie