The meat line must be hit! Targets 7 famous Australian meat menus across the city

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Because traveling to taste Aussie beef in Australia is difficult these days. Marketing Operations Organization Research and Development of the Red Meat. Livestock Industry of Australia (Meat & Livestock Australia) would like to please meat lovers in Thailand with a large campaign that has been organized throughout Southeast Asia with The Great Steak Escape campaign for meat lovers. Want to taste authentic Australian beef easily without having to travel far to Australia with 7 top chefs from 7 famous restaurants across Bangkok. Offers delicious dishes prepared with premium grade Australian beef. Let the meat eaters experience the ultimate taste with the rich juicy taste of the mouthful of beef . Indulge in a delicious dining experience from now until 24 November 2021.

“The Great Steak Escape” is a campaign that brings to consumers the rich and aromatic flavor of premium Australian beef. Australian beef is highly regarded by the global meat market as a quality product. Made from cows raised in a pure natural environment. Through production control from the stall level to the packaging of food served to the table. To guarantee meat products that are perfect in terms of consistent quality Soft and smooth texture and the rich flavor in every mouthful taste


The Great Steak Escape Thailand with Chef restaurant famous 7 in Bangkok. Each chef is full of skill and dedication to create delicious meat dishes for customers for a long time. This makes every chef’s food not only beautifully decorated. It also offers an aesthetic of advanced meat flavors that will stimulate the senses of gourmets to immerse themselves in a deep and impressive taste experience. Meat lovers can try their Australian beef specialties at the following restaurants.

1.Smoked by Chef Pam

Chef Pam-Pitchaya Utarntham’s secret recipe smoked meat shop, True Aussie Beef brand ambassador in Thailand. The succulent and flavorful premium Aussie beef is grilled and smoked on a specially designed oven with two menu highlights: the 14-Hours Smoked Dino Ribs set using bone-in ribs and 14-Hours Smoked Angus Brisket set Both menus are served with a selection of side dishes such as mustard potato salad, fries, coleslaw, and more. Smoked Wagyu Tataki, Wagyu Round Cut Fried Rice, Smoked Steaks, Wagyu Flat Iron, etc. ufabet

1.14-hrsmokedangus brisket

2.Market Café by Khao

Khao a Michelin-starred restaurant brand within the Hyatt Regency Bangkok Sukhumvit is dedicated to creating food menus for customers with high quality ingredients. During The Great Steak Escape Thailand, the hotel also offers a package “ Steakation” that combines a premium Aussie beef meal with luxury Club Room accommodation with VIP service in the hotel club. Meat lovers will be able to sample Thai dishes that use Australian sirloin with just the right amount of fat and rich beef flavor. As the main ingredient, raising the taste of food such as Sun-Dried Australian Beef Served with steamed mushroom beef halibut. Ranjuan curry with beef Grilled Beef Panang Served with rice wrapped in banana leaves and traditional Thai desserts that are hard to find like som chan. ufabet


3.Fat Lamb Restaurant

Mediterranean-American food style restaurant Halal style offers a relaxed and homely atmosphere. The highlight menu is the Giant Australian Tomahawk Steak, with special seasonings that will shock the taste buds from the first bite. Australian Tomahawk Beef This is known for its softness. It has a smooth texture from the marbled fat layer. with intense meat flavor Arranged to be full of deliciousness and beautiful appearance Another menu item is the Chicago Wagyu Pizza, for meat lovers as much as cheese. It pairs perfectly with the consistently tender Australian beef in every bite. The restaurant also offers a variety of Mediterranean-style Australian beef dishes that meat lovers should not miss, such as Tenderloin Beef Kebab, 24-hour sous vide beef cheek and Iskender kebab.



4.Chef’s Table by Chef Art

Chef Art Supamongkol Supapipat, a famous celebrity chef who pioneered the first Chef Table style in Thailand. Highlighting the restaurant’s signature Australian Beef Wellington, the menu combines Australian tenderloin with a secret blend of berries, red wine and mashed potatoes. Fragrant Australian beef patties. Absolutely everyone likes meat. Another recommended dish is the Australian Beef Fillet Rossini. A blend of Australian beef tenderloin perique sauce brioche bread. and buttered mixed vegetables. Which delivers intense delicious flavors and impresses every customer.


5.Sexy Cow Prime Steak & Seafood

A fine-dining meat and seafood restaurant that uses premium grade cuts of sirloin, sirloin, ribeye and tomahawk, the Meat Platter offers three kinds of premium Australian beef and lamb cuts. Let’s try each other to the fullest. All cuts of beef are aged for up to 4 weeks to achieve a soft texture and rich flavor. The restaurant also uses a charcoal grill to make the perfect steak. Another must-try dish is Tenderloin Truffle, a real favorite for meat lovers. Choose tenderloin that is suitable for clean lines. With truffle sauce and delicious fresh truffles It is a menu that is luxurious, delicious, and can satisfy any meal.


6.Flat Marble Restaurant

A favorite among foodies enjoy the Casual Fine Dining Restaurant experience in Bangkok. As well as meat lovers love meticulously prepared meat dishes. The highlight is Fat Beef Fried Rice with Australian Wagyu Striploin Steak topped with a fried egg uni and Iku. The Capellini Aglio Olio e Pepperoncino topped with Australian Wagyu Striploin. Both are characterized by the rich flavor of the sirloin with a thick marbling layer of fat and perfect for searing for a rich flavor and aroma. And another menu that the restaurant’s regulars order regularly is the Butter Australian Wagyu Tenderloin.


7.Mad Beef

Kaiseki-style beef restaurant It offers creative meat dishes using different premium cuts to showcase your true passion for beef. The restaurant often selects the rarest parts of the meat and cooks it in the most special way in the chef’s style. One of the recommended dishes is the Mad Sando. A Japanese- style wagyu beef sandwich, cooked with Kansai-style sukiyaki. A mayo sauce that is burned for a rich, aromatic flavor. Another dish is Mad Don a Denver Wagyu Steak topped on rice with a raw egg and fried spring onions. Also known as the Chuck Flap Tail, this Denver Australian steak is a cut with a fine texture and rich flavor, but not well known. Concentrated for meat necks to fully enjoy.