Top hit! 8 Bingsu shop Korean shaved ice

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If asked which dessert menu is suitable for hot weather Most of our house Of course, it would be inevitable ice now Bingsu – Byng Sue Ice Korean super strength. The trick is that it is soft and soft shaved ice that melts in your mouth. Mixed with condensed milk and sweet fruit. Plus, selfies are good to drool your friends. Today, Food. ufabet would like to organize a hit! 8 Bingsu shops, Korean shaved ice for you to try and taste the deliciousness together.  

1. Shop Seobinggo Bingsu (서빙고 / Seobingo)

Bingsu Korean shaved ice

Anyong ~ Korean Dessert Cafe, the real Korean style Guaranteed deliciousness is that you have to wait in line for a long time. Bingsu here is rich in flavor. A lot of focus on machines Making us taste the deliciousness to the fullest, just like eating in Korea And the famous dessert menu here is injeolmi (Injeolmi) Bingsu, sprinkled with soybean powder, tofu, almond, and Mango Cheese Bingsu, mango cheese bingsu. Giving both the freshness of shaved ice Plus rich cheese and juicy mango There are also many dessert menus to choose from, such as toast, cakes, soft drinks, smooties, etc.

Location: Siam Square Soi 9, 2nd floor, opposite Siam Square One, The Mall Bangkapi, 4th Floor Dining Square Zone, Chamchuri Square Branch, 2nd floor, next to Daiso Shop, Major Cineplex Rangsit Branch, 1st floor.

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2. Shop Holl ys Coffee Bingsu

Top hit!  6 Korean Shaved Ice Bingsu Shops

Korean coffee shop Which is not only delicious food, just coffee There is the same original bingsoo menu, injeolmi (injolmi), bingsoo sprinkled with almond powder and mochi, and Hollys Coffee, Yoghurt Berry Bingsoo is also a sponsor. Are you familiar with the Korean series “Rooftop Prince”? In addition, the shop also has a cute slogan “Fresh Coffee, Romantic Space”. It sounds warm. Want to have oppas to sit and eat bingsu together

Location: There are 3 branches, Siam Square One, 4th floor, opposite Yayoi, Sukhumvit Soi 15, Siamkit Building.

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3. Snowfall House Bingsu


Another shop with soft shaved ice. There is a famous dessert menu such as Bean Powder Bingsoo, rich flavor, firmness, and also a snow corner to sit together. It’s like sitting in Korea and eating ^^

Location: Siam Square One, 4th floor

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4. Bingsu, The Wickedsnow Thailand

Top hit!  10 Bingsu shop Korean shaved ice

It is a famous Korean shaved ice shop. The opening of the first branch in Thailand Plus the deliciousness is not lost anywhere. The same standard as in Korea. Shaved ice here comes in a variety of flavors. Plus a full sprinkles and toppings I guarantee that coming to this restaurant will definitely not be disappointed!

Location: I’m Park Project, Soi Chula 22

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5. Softbee Bingsu 

Top hit!  10 Bingsu shop Korean shaved ice

This shop is located in Central Rama 9 shopping mall (3rd floor). In addition to dessert menus like Mango Bingsu topped with ice cream and yogurt. Their signature menu also includes Gelato Choco, soft bread crumbs, served with chocolaty ice cream and Honey Soft Ice Cream. Sweet that comes from really nature too.

Location: Central Rama 9, 3rd floor

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6. Brown Sugar Bingsu 

Brown Sugar Sanambinnam

Cross over to the other side A bit out of town Another sweet dessert shop that we can’t miss,  Brown Sugar  shop has a wide variety of delicious dessert menus to choose from. But what I would recommend is the green tea bingsu, very rich in flavor, and there are also mango crepes or strawberry crepes. Delicious crispy dough texture The more you eat with mango and cream They are excellent together.

There is also a new menu like Nutella Lover !! Chocolate Crepe With Nutella Sauce Stuffed with homemade ice cream And full of fresh fruit Topped with berry sauce Sweet and sour sweetness and a new menu for Marshmallow lovers.

Location: Sanambin Nam Market, corner of Bypass Rd.

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7.Bingsu Restaurant Schoolfood Thailand

Top hit!  10 Bingsu shop Korean shaved ice

In addition, this shop will have Melon bingsum served on top of a large melon. Famous There is also a food menu for friends Have chosen to eat several menus Have tasted both savory dishes And slapped it with a refreshing dessert Come to the same shop! But what is special is that this shop only serves 10 bingsum melons per day. For the reason that the melon must be kept fresh for the day to give customers a taste of the freshness and sweetness of the meat.

Location: Siam Center, 4th floor, Mercury Ville Branch, 3rd floor (accessible from Chidlom BTS Skytrain Station)

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8. Shop Bingsu Ok Bing Sul 

Top hit!  10 Bingsu shop Korean shaved ice

Oak Bingsol, a franchise shop, shaved ice, imported from South Korea, located opposite Kasetsart University, Bang Khen Gate 1 (Ngamwongwan), Home Village project is the first branch to open in Thailand. Open for a few months. The customer is already on the air. The location in front of the university like this is full of the hearts of the students.

Read more about the restaurant

Location: Home Village Project (opposite Kasetsart University), The Paseo Town, Central World, 7th floor, Beacon Zone