Wield a lover, dinner in 5 restaurants in a romantic atmosphere

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When entering the festival of Sweets and Sweets like Valentine I believe that many couples have to find a restaurant with a romantic atmosphere. To go to dinner with my boyfriend Add, by myself, look for 5 shops with good ufabet atmosphere to choose from. Otherwise, during this time I was jealous of another pair.

1. Wang Fireflies

5 restaurants

Just the name is already very eyebrows I want you to try and experience a special epilogue with a life theme that is a summary of the 4 elements: earth, water, wind and fire with a menu that tells the story of the origin of life such as Pupa, pork shumai, kut teh, served with Chinese plum Mikey and fried beans, which represent the origin of life, are compared to the organisms that live in the chrysalis.

In the end, you can’t miss it. With aesthetics, the experience of watching hundreds of fireflies that appear to show the beauty of the twinkling light that moves Shines and challenges the eyes of visitors And prepare to meet with a new concept restaurant under the operation of “Wang Fireflies” that will enhance your dining experience. To be more exciting than what has been experienced recently

Call: 091-979-6226

Website: www.wanghinghoi.com

Facebook: WangHingHoi

2. Supanniga Eating Room (Tha Tian)

Couples who like and love Thai food must not miss it. A real authentic Thai food and indulge in the charm of the banks of the Chao Phraya River.

In the second floor, there will be a roof top, which doesn’t have to wait until the evening, the atmosphere is very good.

Call: 02 714 7608, 02 015 4224

Opening hours: 11:30 AM  10:30 PM.

3. Mahanakhon Bangkok Sky Bar

As for the couple who liked the height Sit together and look at the lights of Bangkok. Must be here Because in addition to eating with loved ones You are also considered to be seated for a special dinner in the highest place of Bangkok.

Tel: 02-677-8722
Opening hours: daily (11: 00-15: 00) and dinner (17: 00-01: 00)

4. Spectrum Lounge & Bar

Who likes to create a drink with their own unique style. Phew Bar in the sky. The light that comes up immediately has a really beautiful lighting along with a 360-degree view as well. If that day, this wind is good Mood enjoyed you very much. This restaurant has a good atmosphere. But if there is no fan will come
Hang out with friends is very nice.

Tel: 02 098 1234
Opening hours:  17:30 – 01:00

5. SEEN Restaurant & Bar Charoennakorn

A rooftop bar with an atmosphere overlooking the Chao Phraya River from a bird’s eye view. Add must say that if you are looking for a date for couples who are in need of a hundred thousand romance This place is definitely not disappointed. Because both the atmosphere, food and drink Ready to finish in one place

Call: 02-431-9120

Opening hours:   18.00-01.00