Kidney inflammation, a silent danger for working people. May risk kidney failure later

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Are you having unusual colored urine? Are you having pain in your waist towards the back? If you have ever experienced these problems Please see a doctor for an urgent physical examination. Because you may be at risk of “kidney infection” without knowing it.

Kidney inflammation, a silent danger for working people. May risk kidney failure later

What is nephritis?

Glomerulonephritis is a condition in which the capillaries of the kidneys become inflamed. Normally, the kidney’s capillaries filter out excess fluid. or waste that mixes in the bloodstream and turns into urine Therefore, when these capillary blood groups are inflamed. Therefore resulting in abnormal urination. Including pain in the affected kidney area as well. It may be in both kidneys. Or just one side. In addition, some types of nephritis, if not treated quickly, may become chronic and eventually become kidney failure.

What causes kidney inflammation?

There are many causes of nephritis. It may happen on its own without doing anything special. May come from genetics Streptococcus bacterial infection that comes from a sore throat or skin infection Infection due to inflammation of the heart lining. From the virus that causes HIV Hepatitis B and C may also be a side effect of an underlying disease. Autoimmune disease (SLE), diabetes , vasculitis High blood pressure, lung cancer, or leukemia, etc.

Symptoms of nephritis

  1. Urine is pink or cola in color because it is contaminated with red blood cells.
  2. The urine is foamy because there is excess protein mixed in with the urine.
  3. There is edema in some organs, such as the hands, feet, or stomach.
  4. have high blood pressure
  5. Fatigue, tiredness, joint pain, rashes, or problems with the respiratory tract.
  6. There may be pain in the kidney area. which is located in the waist area towards the back There may be pain on one side. or pain on both sides

Treatment of nephritis

Because there are many causes of disease. If the doctor can clearly identify the cause of the disease Treatment will be done by focusing on treating the root cause. By giving medicine to treat the root cause, such as medicine to lower blood pressure if high blood pressure is high. Diuretics that help treat edema, which is caused by fluid buildup in the สมัคร ufabet body. They may also consider getting a flu shot. or pneumonia To increase immunity to disease and reduce other complications in the future

How can nephritis be prevented?

  1. refrain from smoking
  2. Control blood sugar levels To prevent the recurrence of diabetes.
  3. Always control your blood pressure to be normal.
  4. Have safe sex and do not share syringes with others To prevent HIV infection and hepatitis
  5. Always take care of your body and be healthy. To maintain the immune system to work efficiently