Cole Palmer: England’s secret weapon at Euro 2024

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  • Cole Palmer moved from Manchester City to become a full-fledged player with Chelsea last season.
  • The player made the right decision and showed excellent form even though the team’s performance was not up to the mark.
  • The player has a playing style that fits the England team’s style and has been called into the Euro 2024 squad.
Cole Palmer: England's secret weapon at Euro 2024

Many people question the judgment of Cole Palmer, the young English playmaker who moved from Manchester City, a giant Premier League club. To play with Chelsea for a fee of 42.5 million pounds, but It seems like It was the most correct choice on his part.

At just 22 years of age, he has already become an impressive force for Chelsea. After playing a total of 45 games in every competition, scoring 25 goals. Along with Gareth Southgate, the manager of the England national team. Enter the final 26 players to compete in Euro 2024 in the next few days.

Previously, Palmer had been expected to Will become a key man in the first ufabet team for Manchester City , following in the footsteps of Phil Foden, a fellow academy graduate. “The Blues” but he was not given a chance by Spanish trainer Pep Guardiola. as much as it should

Guardiola has given an ultimatum that Palmer will not be able to leave on loan. and must be transferred permanently only, thus making the noble blood commander Decided to pack up his things and leave the Etihad Stadium and move to Chelsea for the opportunity to play on the field regularly.

In the past season, Chelsea under the leadership of Mauricio Pochettino, former Argentinian coach. Did not perform well by finishing 6th in the Premier League standings and was unable to win any championships. But Palmer’s personal performance was the opposite, earning him the award for best young player of the season.

Palmer becomes the first Chelsea player to be directly involved in 25 goals in a Premier League season since former Belgium winger Eden Hazard. He did it in the 2018-19 season with 31 goals, and only Erling Haaland, Manchester City’s striker, scored more goals than him in the latest season. 

Cesc Fabregas, former Chelsea midfielder who currently manages Como, said: “I remember I watched the UEFA Champions League final last season. I saw him come out and warm up. He is one of the young players who are coming up to gain experience. And at that time he was not considered an option.”

“The decision to move to Chelsea has allowed him to begin performing at a very high level with his quality. and great personality He wants the ball. He makes things happen with the final pass and goals.”

I didn’t expect such a large impact. And he is without a doubt Player of the Year for Chelsea.”

Rio Ferdinand, former Manchester United defender , added: “He is a great talent. He was the center of attention in a couple of WhatsApp groups I was a part of. One of my friends compared him to players like Chris Waddle.

 “He has great skills. His balance is mesmerizing. It’s amazing. He is someone I want in the England team. He is an excellent choice.

The next challenge for Palmer is to prove himself on behalf of the national team. Throughout the warm-up game in early June. He was one of three players on the team who started on the field in both matches. He has also performed quite impressively. Maybe at the upcoming Euro 2024, Gareth Southgate might trust him to play the role of the “secret weapon”. That will take the Roaring Lions to the shore of their dreams.