“Out of sight program” and problems between clubs and national teams in Olympic football

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  • Clubs do not like to release key players from their teams to play in Olympic men’s football.
  • Competition schedule and many rules and regulations This makes Olympic men’s football not as famous as other programs.
  • The 2024 Olympics may be the tournament that will see the fewest headliners in history.
"Out of sight program" and problems between clubs and national teams in Olympic football

Euro 2024 and Copa America are set to kick off in the next few days. But does everyone know that there is still men’s football at the 2024 Olympics waiting for us at the next stop at the end of July? However, amidst the grandeur of the world’s largest sports festival, the Olympics. The men’s football competition is only a part of Decorated for work only From สมัคร ufabet clubs not allowing key players to participate in tournaments to unfavorable match schedules and regulations. This causes Olympic men’s football to be viewed as a competition that does not have much importance in the football world from the past until the present.

Today, would like to bring an article from. The Athletic that was written perfectly to translate for all readers to understand why Olympic “men’s football” has always been a tournament that has been in the shadows. And why do clubs have the right to prevent players from participating in this competition?

Why do clubs not like to release players to play in the Olympics?

This question can be answered in two ways. In a short and concise way, Because they have the right to do so, Olympic sports are not included in FIFA. So regulations that require clubs to release players to serve their national teams do not apply. Compete this item Unlike the Euro, Copa America, and World Cup competitions, clubs cannot block players. Or if obstructed, it will clearly violate the regulations.

For the long answer is Clubs must keep the team’s interests in mind. Of course, releasing important players to play in national team games is more than necessary. It increases the risk that players will be injured. For example, in the case of Kylian Mbappe, Enzo Fernandes. Mikailo Mudrik are scheduled to play in Euro 2024 and Copa America in mid-June and have the opportunity to drag. Until the middle of July, if the three stars have to continue playing in Olympic football at the end of the seventh month. They will not have the opportunity to recuperate at all. Including missing the opportunity to pre-season with the parent club as well. This may have a long-term effect on their performance in the upcoming season. Or maybe even the entire football career.

The most obvious case study is Pedri in 2021, a year. When he just broke through to the first team for his first season. And with the heat at that time. The 19-year-old midfielder was immediately called up to international duty at Euro 2020 and the Olympics. Making 68 appearances in his first year in professional top-flight football. The result was that in the following season Pedri seriously injured his hamstring twice in one season. clearly hindering his own development This serves as a warning for clubs to think hard before releasing players to play in various tournaments.

The Olympic competition program also does not facilitate and motivate clubs to release players to play. This is because such competitions are usually held from the end of July to the beginning of August. When the players have to work hard during the pre-season to get their fitness back. After resting the body during the off-season. Therefore, players who go to play in the Olympics will enter the program later than scheduled due to physical limitations. As a result, in the first games of the new season. They will also not be able to play and help the team.

However, not every club always refuses when national coaches ask for their players to play in the Olympics. But most of them do not want their important players to play. For all the reasons mentioned above.

To what extent will it be a problem between the players and the club?

It depends on the player how much they value the Olympic gold medal. In most cases, the club and player will have a mutual understanding before being called up to the national team. They will have to discuss exactly which tournaments the players will play in and when they will return. However, in the case of the team’s key superstars, It is a delicate matter that requires a good understanding.

For example, Lionel Messi in 2008 was banned from taking part in the Beijing Olympics, but after Pep Guardiola’s rise as Barcelona’s first-team manager. Lona Pep eventually allowed the Argentinian star to fly to serve his country, which also enabled Messi to successfully win the Olympic gold medal. Or the deal between Barcelona and the Brazilian Football Confederation regarding Neymar in 2016, which agreed to allow the Brazilian star to play in the Olympics in his homeland. But there is a condition: in Copa America 2016, Neymar will not be allowed to join the team. Therefore, from these two cases So it was a discussion and agreement between the national team, the club and the players.

But in cases where there is negative news, such as Mbappe in recent years, he was completely banned by his new agency, Real Madrid, from attending the Olympics in his hometown. The 25-year-old star also admitted that he was disappointed and disappointed. Because he has always revealed that he wants to play for the Atletico team in the 2024 Olympics, but he understands the club’s perspective. In another, hotter case is Emiliano Martinez, who clearly revealed to the media that he was ready to fight with his parent club in order to play in the Olympics in Paris.