Experience the great nature of Tochigi and Southern Tohoku, all of your vacation in Japan is a peace of mind.

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From the previous article that introduces popular sightseeing spots in Tochigi The Southern Tohoku Area, Tochigi and the Southern Tohoku Area, consist of four prefectures, namely Tochigi Prefecture. Fukushima Prefecture Yamagata prefecture and Miyagi prefecture It is an area full of charm of Japan. can admire the beauty of nature in each season and savor many delicious dishes that can only be tasted in this area UFABET

recommend local food Popular in the province!

Start with strawberries High quality from Tochigi Prefecture.

Tochigi Prefecture produce strawberry the most in Japan The “Toshiotome variety”, a cultivar that originated in Tochigi, is fragrant, sweet, and very delicious. Let’s try it.

Next up is a recommended dish from Fukushima prefecture “Nekisoba”.

This cup of soba is eaten with Japanese spring onions. Scoop the noodles up and eat instead of using chopsticks.

The next menu is from Yamagata prefecture. Yonezawa Beef

Yonezawa Beef One of Japan’s three cattle breeds and one of three high quality Wagyu beef. It is a beef brand that the residents of Yamagata are proud of. Outstanding with soft texture. Melts in the mouth. It is delicious.

And finally delicious menu from Miyagi prefecture “Sunda” 

It is a menu made from mashed edamame. He has a mild sweet flavor Many people may not have eaten. If you come to Miyagi next time Let’s try it.

If you want to know delicious local food. Of the Tochigi area and the southern Tohoku area more. We recommend a special article introducing sightseeing routes in each season. Of the Tochigi and Southern Tohoku areas.