Full mouthful of Japanese Omakase-style food at Sushiyoshi Bangkok

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When it comes to Japanese food style Omar Ka Se row Sathorn now need to raise Sushiyoshi Bangkok, we have to eat it. Outstanding in terms of fresh ingredients combined with the chef’s creative idea of ​​creative menu ufabet Makes it both delicious and very enjoyable. Each menu is the most Co-Create. We are constantly waiting for what the next menu will look like. And I’m not really disappointed Let’s get started

Master Chef Hiroki

Crab eggs, topped with sea urchin and caviar

Manpoo, crab roe, crab meat is delicious, served with lemon. Which the chef said that the lemons were imported from Japan Squeezed onto the scented crab eggs. Under the shell of the crab will have salt as well We just touched it for fear of being too salty. Anyone who likes Manpo, it is absolutely amazing.

Grilled kisu fish sprinkled with grated palm sugar

Fresh kisu or sand fish doesn’t have a fishy smell at all. Sprinkle with grated Thai palm sugar. Because the chef went to explore the Thai market And interested in this palm sugar material Therefore bringing it as one of the ingredients that are considered very good Decorated with Spring Onion flowers, chic and edible.

Tiger Prawn Sushi

The serving here was handed out by the chef Get it from the chef’s hand and go into your mouth. For this menu is Tiger Shrimp Sushi or Kuruma Sushi. The taste of this bite will smell a little sour pickle of the fermented rice. But the shrimp are fresh as usual Considered to fit together well

Nodokuro in Maki

In seaweed-wrapped maki is Nodoguro, or pink snapper. Which the chef brings to the grill Importantly, the freshness of the fish adds more flavor

Sea urchin

Fresh sea urchin or uni from Japan It is a Murasaki species, the chef will choose whether to eat sashimi or sushi, if anyone eats it like sashimi, it will be served on hand. But this time we choose to eat sushi. Will come in the form of rice balls

Fresh Wasabi Tuna Sushi

This sushi is served with tuna using the Akami portion, the lean portion of the fish, and the chutoro, the medium-fat part of the fish, alternating with the fish layer. Which the chef brings to the grill, which is just right Smell the scent of fire, eaten with fresh wasabi. Delicious, soft and very moist.

Fresh abalone

Abalone (Awabi) that is steamed until the place. Before serving, the chef controls the temperature at a delicious heat level. It made the bite into the soft, chewy, just right, and was delicious. Not only that, the chef also serves abalone “teeth” for tasting. Crunchy, like eating cartilaginous cartilage.

Kinki Sushi

Kinki (Kinki) is a deep-sea fish from Japan. This sushi has a minty scent mixed with shredded shiitake mushrooms. Chewed together, it is crunchy but soft, fragrant and delicious.

Grilled Katsuo with Truffle Oil

Large pieces of katsuo that are grilled on the outside, cooked to perfection. The inside is red meat, delicious to eat. The crispy fish skin is very good. Topped with fragrant truffle oil Served with white mousse Wasabi

Chopped Shrimp and Peony Dessert with Ice Cream

It was the dessert that I thought was savory. But the chef insists that the dish is really a dessert: Botan Ebi, pounded prawns, spread out into plates. Topping with ice cream Got an unbelievable sweet and greasy taste

Abalone Cake

Not teaching again as usual. The chef uses the abalone liver to combine with the meat of the cake. That can be beaten together, can be blended at Sprinkle with palm sugar Fragrant coconut sugar

If you like to eat Japanese food in Omakase style, you can stop by and follow in the footsteps. All courses actually have 15-18 words! Eat until you are full, of course! But due to the limited creation of menus and shops Recommend that you should call to reserve first, Sushiyoshi Bangkok is located in W Hotel Sathorn.

Number of courses, menu : all about 15-18 words
Time: Dinner 20:30 – 23:00
Price : about 6,800 baht (ask the shop again)
Phone reservation number : 082 546 4456
Location Sushiyoshi Bangkok