5 Popular Korean Mamas You Should Have at Home

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What is the must-have item in the room? When you are hungry, you will definitely feel relieved ?? That secret weapon is Instant noodles, that’s it…!! Popular menu over time that is compatible with all eras In addition to Thai flavors that we are familiar with, such as minced pork flavor, Tom Yum flavor, nowadays instant noodles from Korea are very popular in our country due to their uniqueness with thick, soft and chewy lines. Korean spicy flavor that is different from Thai Plus the influence from Korean series that not only makes us want to go to Korea alone, but also makes us swallow saliva every time we see the characters eating late night food as Mama in a hot pot as well, and today Pi Hed Machru M Travel has compiled 10 popular Korean instant noodles that are delicious and must be bought for home use. When you’re hungry, let’s get it. You can buy them both in Thailand and Korea. Absolutely like everyone Let’s follow and see which Mama flavors are delicious.

5 Popular Korean Mamas You Should Have at Home

1.Samyang Ramen Original Flavor

Let’s start with the Original Korean Mama from the Samsung brand. which is the first brand in Korea that is very popular And is a popular souvenir that many people used to bring back to Thailand. When traveling to Korea, the noodles are flat and chewy, come in a rich, slightly spicy soup. This flavor is delicious when eaten. Add toppings and meat as you like. Buy and keep and eat without getting bored.
Pros: Original Korean instant noodles, chewy flat noodles, concentrated soup, a little spicy.
Thai price: about 40 baht.
Available at: leading supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada and supermarkets. Korean in Thailand

2.Samyang ramen cheese Flavor

Satisfy cheese lovers with Samyang Cheese Ramen with soft, round noodles. Full of rich cheese, fragrant soup, mellow cheese smell, moderately spicy, add spices and meat as you like. Delicious, full of pleasing words. Enjoy every moment This Korean Mama It’s another flavor that friends must not miss
. Gives a mellow flavor and fragrant cheese.
Thai price: about 45 baht.
Available at: leading supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada, and Korean supermarkets in Thailand.

3. Samyang Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen

Next is Korean Mama, for those who like to eat spicy must give a thumbs up. Anyone who takes it will surely like it. This one is dry, thick flat noodles, comes with a spicy chicken sauce. and roasted sesame with fragrant seaweed. You must try these 2 flavors: original spicy and double spicy, super hot. Every bite will surely make you feel good. Spicy people, don’t forget to try them all.
Highlight: Dried instant noodles, legendary spicy flavor There are many flavors to choose from.
Thai price: about 48 baht.
Available at: leading supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada, Korean supermarkets in Thailand, and 7-11 convenience stores.

4. Paldo Ilpoom Jjajangmen

For anyone who has watched Korean series I believe that you must have seen the scene where the characters in the story eat black noodles or jajangmyeon. Let me tell you that there is also an instant version. Made from good raw materials and very intense flavor Comes with a full set of ingredients such as meat and various vegetables, served with pickled radish as a side dish. P’Mushroom guarantees that it’s delicious!
Strengths: Premium jajangmyeon taste, chewy noodles, firm ingredients
Thai price: about 30 baht
Available at: leading supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada and Korean supermarkets in Thailand UFABET

5.Ottogi Cheese Ramen

Next, Korean Mama Ottogi, Cheese Flavor Ramen, is considered the best among cheese lovers. Recommended to try this one. because in addition to the coolest condiments in the envelope that have been provided There is still cheese powder for us to add more. therefore making us feel the flavor of cheese that is intense, sweet and clear The soup is mellow, not spicy, children can eat it, adults can eat well. Recommended to add shredded cauliflower, bacon or more sausage. It will be very satisfying. Enjoy eating and watching movies. Suitable for people who like cheese.
Pros: Korean instant noodles, sticky noodles, full of cheese.
Thai price: about 45 baht.
Available at: leading supermarkets, Shopee, Lazada and Korean supermarkets in Thailand.