Top 5 Norwegian Salmon Menus People who love orange-fleshed fish must scream.

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Salmon is a popular ingredient used to create various dishes. Variety of raw salmon Or cooked because the taste of this orange-fleshed fish is mesmerizing. And salmon is also rich in nutritional value. So if salmon is a raw material
Favored by anyone, one must know that god-level salmon should be Norwegian salmon. Because the Norwegian salmon has been taken care of since raising, paying attention to water sources, food and fostering.

Top 5 Norwegian Salmon Menus People who love orange-fleshed fish must scream.

“Thai people eat fresh salmon than Norwegians” is an exaggerated statement. Because Thailand currently imports a lot of salmon from Norway. Most importantly, this soft and firm orange-fleshed fish comes on board without having to freeze it as before. Therefore, every bite you put in your mouth is considered fresh salmon from Norway.

Today, Sanook Travel has selected Top 5 authentic Norwegian salmon menus from Greyhound Cafe’s “Norwegian Salmon Lover Menu” promotion. Let me tell you that salmon lovers will be even more fascinated by the deity of this orange-fleshed fish for sure.

Thai Salmon Salad

Start the first dish with a light, comforting menu, because this dish is a healthy salad in a plate consisting of fresh salmon, green oak, red coral, lettuce, cherry tomatoes. To get the smell of Thainess, lemongrass, sliced ​​shallots and mint leaves must be toppings as well. But what makes this UFABET dish on the list is Japanese salad dressing . Add chili and salt when it has the oiliness of sliced ​​roasted almonds that are sprinkled on the salad plate. So love this dish specially.

Salmon Soba Stir Fried with Dried Chili

The main visible components There seems to be quite a few things on this dish. But it turns out that the flavor is so mellow that you wouldn’t expect stir-fried soba noodles to go incredibly well with grilled salmon. Maybe it’s because of the smell of grilled salmon. when met with the smell of dried chili peppers When the sweet taste of soy sauce, honey, garlic comes into the cut This dish is complete in both taste and smell. If anyone is hungry, order this dish first,

Salmon Mosa.

For this dish, if you come to the restaurant and want to try it, order it to eat while thinking about what to eat on a heavy menu. Because of Salmon Mosa with spiced salmon, mashed potatoes, and edamame inside. And the filling is packed full, worth a bite. The sauce used for dipping is not very spicy. The taste is sweet and sour.

Grilled Salmon served with Papaya Salad

Reclaim the spiciness of Thai people with Papaya Salad What if we used salmon instead of the usual grilled chicken? I must say that the deliciousness is not left behind too much. But if anyone likes spicier Thai papaya salad, you can inform the restaurant to increase the spiciness, sour, sweet as you wish. Another favorite is light purple glutinous rice. Understand that it is cooked with butterfly pea flower water. It’s sticky rice that cooks just right because it’s not soggy, plus it’s soft and fragrant

Menu names may sound strange. But it’s a cover of the Miang Kham menu. But bring salmon meat with skin, diced to fry. understand that instead of dried shrimp Other side dishes is similar to Miang Kham Including vegetable leaves that are used to wrap and eat, including Cha Betel leaves and vegetables to choose from Nam Miang
That came out a little sweet. But if anyone likes sweet taste, it should be appreciated.

All 5 recommended Norwegian salmon menus can be found at 23 branches of Greyhound Cafe and Another Hound Cafe, and not just the 5 menus mentioned above. There are also menus from other Norwegian salmon. such as salmon asking for sharpening Grilled Salmon with Caramel Sauce and dry tom yum grilled salmon to choose from as you like

But if you want to eat, you may need to plan a little because this salmon lover promotion is available from now until May 6 only, so you have to hurry up. Compared to ordering a salmon menu at a general restaurant that may not use fresh salmon from Norway to cook for you, prepare to spend hundreds of dollars. (Starting price is around 240 baht) It’s delicious and full of stomach for sure.