At Klong Wan, a buffet restaurant with river prawns and seafood delivered directly from Prachuap Khiri Khan.

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Na Klong Wan, a buffet restaurant that serves a variety of river prawns and seafood . The first branch was at Vibhavadi 20. Now a new branch has been opened at The Mall Life Store. Tha Phra satisfying people grilling on the Thonburi side in a comfortable atmosphere.



Na Khlong Wan was born from a family of fishermen who like to cook. since mother’s generation Grandma cooks delicious food And cook for yourself, plus there is a restaurant in Prachuap province. expertise in raw material selection including how to maintain quality Therefore, I decided to share the taste of family cooking with the city people to taste. and start adjusting from a la carte menu to buffet UFABET style

There is a wide variety of menu options here. The highlight is at Grilled river prawns grilled squid. Grilled sweet clams sweet taste fresh from the sea eaten with a special seafood dipping sauce.


There are also menus such as steamed crab, steamed fish with lemon. Steamed Fish Fillet with Soy Sauce Steamed squid with lemon, poached egg, pickled blue crab, pickled blue crab, pickled egg crab salad, 3 egg salad, shrimp in fish sauce Seasoned Oysters Simmered Crab Meat in Chili Paste and Fresh Shrimp

As for the stir-fry menu, there are options to choose from. Stir Fried Liang Leaves with Egg Stir Fried Cabbage with Fish Sauce Stir Fried Clams with Celery Stir Fried Shrimp with Chili and Salt You can eat it with plain rice or you can choose it with crab fried rice. There are also many types of fried foods that are worth trying, such as fried sea bass with fish sauce. Salted Salmon Belly Fried Chicken Ribs startled shrimp chin and fried seafood cicadas. These two menus are quite enjoyable to eat.

There are also many types of boiled food to choose from, such as fish curry with fresh chili peppers. Tom Yum Mixed Seafood Tom Yum Mixed Seafood with Clear Water Som Som with Snapper Boiled ribs, shiitake mushrooms, sweet boiled squid, each menu has a strong flavor. get the concentration of curry paste



It is a buffet restaurant with a wide variety of food to choose from. Who likes to eat seafood? Tell me don’t miss it Besides serving the freshness of grilled river prawns Crab took off his shirt. I want to try some other menus because the restaurant intends to select good quality ingredients. Plus the seasoning according to the recipe. whether it’s spicy stir-fried fried and boiled food. The taste is intense to the machine.

at the whale canal

3rd floor, The Mall Life Store, Tha Phra

It is recommended to call to reserve a table in advance call 093-445-6425.

Price 999 baht/person (net price 1,176 baht, this price includes beverages and desserts ) for 2 hours