Point out the Tea Bar Cafe, a secret cafe at the community alley of Wat Ratchanadda.

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In the heat of the day, where do you escape from the heat? The answers would be diverse. Some people may choose to go to the mall, go to the air conditioner, find delicious food to eat and go home. Some even asked to go home. You will be able to take a shower. And there will probably be some people who will think of looking for a coffee shop or a beautiful cafe to sit and chill, order a cool and sweet drink to refresh and sit in the air as well. Changing the workplace from Work from Home to Work from Cafe/Coffee Bar is not bad either.

The author is one who has been working from home for months, talking to himself every day. parcel delivery staff And the food delivery staff haven’t been out to open their eyes in places far beyond the convenience stores in Soi Ban for a very long time. Last week, I found an opportunity. 

Anyone who has the opportunity to travel to the heart of Bangkok like Rattanakosin Island around Sanam Luang Try moving a little out of that zone, come around the Giant Swing, the same zone as the Bangkok City Hall, you will find a beautiful temple at one temple, find the nameplate of Wat Ratchanaddaram Worawihan. There is a new cafe that opened for more than a month hidden away, although in the middle of the community. But the name is not common.

 It is a cafe that gives an atmosphere like being in a garden house. have privacy Suitable for sitting and chilling, sipping a variety of beverages to choose from. The famous menu is the tea menu.


The more people who don’t know the way, the more dare not to traverse. because he doesn’t know where he walks into this alley and where he will show up Or is this the entrance to someone’s house? but if he finds a way to pass The cafe itself is not that rare. but will walk near and walk far Depending on which side you enter the alley, look at the map coordinates where the cafe doesn’t have parking. But parked nearby and walked into the alley. who came by private car The car can be parked in 3 places as follows:

  • Wat Ratchanaddaram Worawihan, parking fee 40 baht for the whole day. You can park until 19:00.
  • Private parking (Chokdee Printing Co., Ltd.) next to Krua Apsorn Parking fee is 40 baht per hour.
  • Parking at Sri Krungthep Hotel Parking fee is 30 baht per hour.

When you arrive at the café, don’t wait. because the weather is hot and very hungry Go straight to the counter, look at the menu, and order a drink.

A wide variety of drink menus will satisfy any taste.

Come to a cafe that sells drinks. I have to open the story of the hero of the shop. Which is drink goodies that said that the menu of various drinks. Because Tea Bar Cafe’s menu categorizes its beverages into four groups coffee, non-caffeinated, tea, and soda. Once you have arrived, you have to arrange a drink for every group so you don’t waste your trip. I have come a long way

Let’s start with the coffee menu first. We chose an iced latte to try. Sit and take pictures and wait for a while.  Moka pot is a coffee pot that does not use electricity. Using this type of boiler Is to use the pressure of water to pass the coffee up until it becomes coffee water. Here, we use 100% Arabica coffee beans, dark roasted, and the aroma of coffee is full of aroma. It made my eyes open since I hadn’t even sipped a gulp of coffee. Once I tried it, my eyes lit up twice. because the coffee taste is very strong Even when mixed with milk into a latte, it’s still very dark. People who are coffee lovers, this would be very appealing.


Next menu, let’s cut the bitterness of the latte a moment with iced caramel milk. And was very right to choose this menu to wash the coffee stuck in the neck. Milk mixed with caramel is very soft and smooth. Milk caramel flavor is very fragrant. Anyone who is late does not drink caffeinated beverages. The milk or chocolate menus should be stingy. The cold chocolate menu uses real chocolate powder. which is the raw material of the shop’s own brand as well


The third menu is the most favorite drink. No matter where you go to the cafe, you will always order green tea to drink. They are like those who are addicted to green tea. You can eat any menu that contains green tea as an ingredient. (Just don’t be too weird.) The green tea menu here is a green tea latte with both green tea and milk aromas. Concentration is very naughty. Impressive.


The menu is almost the last but not the least. It is still a tea menu. But I would like to change the line to some clear tea. First glass, I want to try rose tea. I’m a little scared because I’ve heard that the properties of rose tea help stimulate the digestive system. because returning home had to travel quite a distance But he believed in his stomach enough that this rose tea just can’t do anything. The scent of tea and the scent of roses blends perfectly together. Just walk to lift it from the counter to put it on the table. The smell of tea was already touching my nose. Only after taking a sip feel so fresh It is a drink menu that is very suitable for hot summer.


for the last drink It is still a clear tea menu because you want to clear your throat before going home. Flower tea is a dish that has never been tried before. So the taste experience of this UFABET cup of tea starts from scratch. But when I tried it, I found that the taste of this cup of tea is very wow. Its gimmicks are sweet and sour that go together perfectly. The taste is similar to a brand of fruit-flavored jelly candy that comes in a cone-shaped packaging. The plastic seal lid doesn’t come out very well. It’s a very satisfying glass, good taste, and refreshing. It’s a menu that I would recommend everyone to try!!!


with the table full of drinks And quite considerate of the shop if you want to get up and drink a glass a little at a time. So I sat for a while. Playing on the phone for a long time and getting bored, so I asked for permission from the shop to work for a while. This time, I had the opportunity to talk with Khun Trin Sawangkla, owner of Tea Bar Cafe and Chairman of TKeyMax Corporation Co., Ltd. The cafe’s main ingredient is the company’s products. So I know that opening this cafe as a second branch is to be a business that opens with a company that sells raw materials. The first cafe is located on the Thonburi side.


In addition to business Khun Trin also presented that Tea Bar Cafe has a tea menu as the protagonist. He wanted the tea menu to be the most prominent dish in the restaurant. The tea leaves here are specially selected tea leaves that are directly picked from the hills in Chiang Rai . The goal is to help tea plantation entrepreneurs and villagers who are farmers. The tea leaves used as raw materials Organic tea leaves Until the tea leaves become water Must be cold extracted for 8 hours at a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius, no more or less. Because it may distort the taste of the tea. by the cold extraction process of tea leaves so that the tea is not bitter and astringent