Lamoon at “Suan Lamai” a delicious durian buffet. And all kinds of fruits

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All year there is also this period. With fruit for us to eat juicy During the fruit season, you must visit a fruit orchard in Rayong province, an orchard that is open for unlimited time, such as Suan Lamai,  eat fresh fruit. Ever from the ufabet beginning

Lamoon at “Suan Lamai” a delicious durian buffet.
And all kinds of fruits

500 rai of orchards planted in the hills Divided into zones of fruit types in a plan Therefore, there are quite a variety of fruits such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, mangosteen, pomelo, apple, longan, dragon fruit, longkong, star fruit, etc.

At the front of the park, buy tickets first. No need to book in advance. Adult ticket price 490 baht, child card 250 baht (height 100 – 120 cm. Baht), under 100 cm. Free entry, purchase the pass, then wait for the car to pick up. The first point is Rambutan Park.

Suan Lamai

At this point, there will be unlimited rambutans to eat. Either pick it up from the tree or pick it up from the crates provided by the staff. There is also a mangosteen tree here. But the mangosteen is not ripe yet. Have to wait several weeks (Probably around mid-June) before coming to Czech with the garden first Because some periods will have different fruits

In addition to fruit, there are also savory buffets. Like today, it will be a menu of Kanom Jeen Na Ya.

Can sit and eat near the orchard The atmosphere is super To fully appreciate the atmosphere from this point. If beyond this point I won’t be able to return

Durian Buffet

Get on the bus to the second stop Highlighted points All you can eat durian sala longkong or seasonal fruit buffet. A big point There are more seats supported than the first stop. Because there is a hero like durian Therefore have to set up a little big place

Durian Buffet

In addition to having fruit There are also savory dishes and desserts such as papaya salad, fried chicken, mango sticky rice. Durian sticky rice, etc.

After eating, you can take a walk in the durian garden. Coming in this period, you will see trees with a very strong durian.

The third spot may not have taken any photos because it rains. Take photos, play and feed the sheep.

Suan Lamai

Back to the beginning Anyone who wants to buy souvenirs Buy it at this point.

Suan Lamai

Fruit orchard that is open to eat unlimited time. In some periods there will be different fruits. Because some products will not be produced in accordance with the number of tourists per day. You can check first at Suan Lamai / Suan Lamai fan page.