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Chocolate Lava Cake shop in Bangkok, soft and smooth face, full of cocoa powder, plus delivery service to deliver deliciousness to the front of the house. No matter what festival you are, you can be satisfied.         

Chocolate Lava Cake or Molten Chocolate Cake, a dessert menu that is on the rise has overtaken the curve right now. With the texture of the cake is cocoa topped on top and stuffed in the middle with chocolate sauce , topped with cocoa powder all over. It gives a rich, delicious flavor. and a distinctive look that is liked by candy lovers and all social media It is therefore not surprising that many cake shops make and develop their own Molten Chocolate Cake recipes. And there is a delivery service to deliver deliciousness to the front of the house. Today we have compiled a list of shops that offer greasy chocolate lava menus with overflowing fillings for you. Which ufabet shop will you have? Let’s wait and see.

1. Lakshome

          Super hot with Lakshome’s cake reservation queue. You have to reserve the queue in advance and wait for months. The deliciousness is guaranteed by the chef who graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, London, England. The highlight is at Molten Chocolate. Cake Chocolate cake with a focus on both meat and sauce. full of heavy Using the best ingredients without skimping on the ingredients, divided into 3 layers, the cake is soft and bouncy like a pudding. Spilled Chocolate Sauce and cocoa powder sprinkled in a nib, the intense flavor goes well together. not too sweet Scooped into his first mouth and couldn’t stop. Dessert lovers won’t be disappointed.

Chocolate Lava Cake Shop

2. Sitadelicious

          Homemade cake shop with Molten Chocolate Cake menu that selects and chooses 3 types of high quality chocolate, blended until it is thick and soft cake, melts in the mouth. The sauce inside has a rich flavor, sweet, not bitter. Adults can eat it. Children. It’s good to eat. In addition to chocolate lava cake, full of fillings that are liked by people who love this menu Also satisfy cheese lovers with Molten Cheddat Cheese or Lava Cheesecake. which is the latest menu of the shop as well Who wants to eat delicious cakes, try to order now.

Chocolate Lava Cake Shop

3. Bitter Poem

          The new cake shop on Instagram. Outstanding with a special menu such as Molten Chocolate Cake, a chocolate lava cake filled with fillings, soft texture, melt in the mouth, sweet and mellow taste. The shop uses cocoa concentrate. Makes a light powder texture. The juicy ganache filling uses 74% dark chocolate and is topped with dense cocoa powder. Just open the package and the smell of chocolate kicks in your nose. Definitely like sweets lovers for those who don’t want to wait in long queues. Go ahead and make a reservation at this shop. Because orders 1-3 days in advance, there is no closing cycle. Freshly made without stock.

4. Comie’s

          Anyone who likes chocolate cake but doesn’t like sweet food must try Molten Chocolate Cake menu of this shop because the cake is a special recipe. It uses 70% dark chocolate to give it a rich, sweet and mellow flavor. Add a smooth, creamy flavor with fresh cream to make a sauce inside. Besides chocolate There is also a lava-filled green tea cake menu to please all matcha lovers. Enjoy eating one piece is never enough.

Chocolate Lava Cake Shop

5. Holiday Pastry

          Their chocolate lava cake menu is called Fountain Chocolate Cake. It is a soft chocolate cake covered with a bouncy milk cream and mousse. Sweet taste is good. Top with real dark cocoa powder and when cut the cake. As the name suggests, the rich chocolate ganache oozes like a fountain. This shop uses high quality ingredients imported from abroad. Get the most premium taste. In addition to the chocolate cake There is also a green tea cake menu. and the ultimate malt cereal milk cake Appease all the sweethearts Guarantee that the taste is second to none.

Chocolate Lava Cake Shop

6. Bake and Bloom

          Homemade bakery style dessert shop located in Market Place Nanglinchee with a variety of menus. There are many kinds of cakes, cookies, cute cupcakes and a hot trend that is in demand among dessert lovers is Molten Chocolate Cake, a rich chocolate cake made with good quality ingredients. Until the cake is light and soft, filled with fillings, sprinkled with heavy cocoa powder. It’s delicious to buy and eat by yourself. Or buy it as a gift for a special occasion, it’s great.

Chocolate Lava Cake Shop