Khao Tom Krueng Restaurant in Bangkok

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 Khao Tom Krueng Restaurant in Bangkok Another menu that you can eat without getting bored. You can eat it anytime, whether it’s morning, late afternoon, evening. Order to eat to cure hunger in the stomach.

boiled rice It’s one of those simple dishes that often pop into our heads when we can’t figure out what to eat today. And because porridge is not very limited in terms of seasonings, such as vegetables, pork, duck, chicken or shrimp, shellfish, crab, fish, they can all be cooked. Therefore, it has become a favorite menu without difficulty. In Bangkok, there are many delicious rice porridge restaurants, so please check the list. Order to eat to satisfy hunger and enjoy.

1. Khao Tom Pla by Usanee

          A rice porridge shop that is more than a legend Because it has stood to guarantee deliciousness for more than 40 years because of its unique taste and touch. until it became delicious that was told by word of mouth The highlight menu that should not be missed is “Khao Porridge with Snapper”, a large fresh sea bass. When you eat, you will smell the aroma of fried garlic. You can also sip the hot water of the mellow pork bone broth. Delicious, don’t tell anyone. Whether ordering to eat alone or ordering white shrimp, Bateng seafood, and oysters, they go together perfectly.

How to order : Lineman, Grab, Robinhood, Gojek, Line @kawtomplausanee
Address : Phlapphlachai Road Wat Thepsirin Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Bangkok
Phone : 08 1000 0671
Facebook : Khao Tom Pla by Usanee

2. Hiameth, the legendary pork bone porridge, separates Mo Mee

          One of many people’s favorite rice porridge shop. Especially with pork bone porridge. Outstanding with a large pan that sits on a charcoal stove. Which is attached to the secret of deliciousness by boiling rice in pork bone broth until it is boiled rice. The soup has a mellow, sweet taste. The pork is soft and good. Do not exert yourself to chew. Mix the aroma with spring onions, celery and garlic leaves. Add some pepper I think it’s delicious.

Boiled rice shop

3. Khao Tom Kha Gai, the old owner of Khlong Prapa Samsen

          Chao Aroi Restaurant near Wat Phra Sri Mahathat Bang Khen with a variety of food menus Each of them is called an equally delicious championship. For the neck of the porridge The restaurant offers a variety of great dishes such as Chicken Leg Rice Porridge, Chicken Wing Porridge, Chicken Drumstick Rice Porridge, Pork Ribs Porridge, Prawn Porridge, Fish Porridge, Squid Porridge, Chicken Rice Porridge, Seafood Seafood Porridge, and many more. When it’s hot, I see that you will like it. I accidentally asked to leave my stomach as a regular shop for a long time.

Boiled rice shop

4. Boiled rice with spices – ancient recipe, Charoenkrung 73 Rd.

          Khao Tom Krueng shop is at the entrance of Chan Road. Each day, there are both regular customers and homeless customers who constantly come to visit when they are hungry. There are pork stomach porridge, duck porridge, pork bone porridge. and mixed rice porridge Importantly, there are both dry and water options available. The taste is cooked just right. The rice was not too hard. As for various meats, such as bateng, pork stomach, pork ribs, and duck, it is tender and tender. It is celebrated for its delicious     

5. Shanghai Kee Fish Porridge

          Legendary Charcoal Fish Porridge Restaurant in Yaowarat area that sends delicious recipes from generation to generation The restaurant mainly focuses on boiled rice menu. Whether it’s boiled rice with sea bass, boiled rice with tao toey, and boiled with oysters. and mixed rice porridge In addition to carefully selecting raw materials The restaurant still maintains its identity by using a charcoal stove to boil the rice porridge. These are still the classic taste and atmosphere. Eaters will perceive freshness and freshness. that did not disappoint a single word   

6. Khao Tom Prung Thonglor

          Khao Yao Krueng Chao Aroy Restaurant Opened for sale in Bangkok for more than 60 years, it can be said that it is old. But the taste is still seasoned, second to none. with meticulous cooking and selection of high quality raw materials to impress people Ready to serve a variety of rice porridge menus such as sea bass porridge, shrimp porridge, oyster porridge, duck porridge, pork stomach porridge, etc. If you like any menu, you can order and try.

Boiled rice shop