The Coffee Club is an Australian cafe. with a delicious menu to choose from from morning to evening

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The highlight menu that The Coffee Club would like to present under the concept All-Day Dining and More! namely.

Breakfast DIY Western style/DIY Thai style

DIY Western Style Choose your favorite egg menu , whether it’s scrambled eggs, fried eggs or soft-boiled eggs, served with toast. and grilled tomatoes Mix and match with a variety of side dishes such as ham, bacon, pork sausage, smoked salmon, hash browns, spinach, sauteed mushrooms, etc.

Alternatively, you can opt for a DIY Thai-style dish with rice vermicelli set, hot boiled rice, served with a choice of 4 side dishes in the categories of eggs, vegetables, meat and spicy salads such as stir-fried radish with egg, stir-fried morning glory, stir-fried pork with nam liab, salted egg salad, etc.


with the popular menu Classic Eggs Benedict Classic Eggs Benedict Crispy Sourdough Bread, Poached Eggs Hollandaise Sauce, and a choice of ham, bacon or smoked salmon toppings

lunch burger menu

Introducing our newest burger menu. Spicy Sriracha Chicken Burger, crispy fried chicken, spicy flavor in Thai style. Served with soft burger buns and fresh vegetables

Dinner, full menu, Thai fusion style.

Full menu, Thai fusion style. Always selling well Spaghetti with Grilled Pork Neck. Jaew Soft and chewy spaghetti combines the richness of marinated grilled pork neck with mellow sauce.